Located near the apex of Beachwood Canyon, in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California, the Deronda Residence designed by Space International. It contains of two main rectangular volumes which are shifted off-axis from each another. An additional space added to the living, dining and kitchen areas. All of these area connected to the adjacent terraces and views beyond by large expanses of sliding glass panels, makes the interiority into an open, covered outdoor room. The house is painted in white, makes it fused with the sky around.

“A white plaster shell demarcates the spatial hierarchy of the house, operating as a supporting floorplate for the private volume, then folding upward to serve as clerestory roof plane over the more public spaces. This undulating skin enhances and mitigates the varying degrees of enclosure and exposure to the picturesque surroundings and skyline views which encircle the property.”

Src: Contemporist
Photographs: Steve King Photography

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