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Custom made wall art is a great choice to decorating house, the owner can easily choose right style for the rooms and have the chance to match the decor instead of searching the things which can find in the stores and trying to match it into the room.

To make a small bathroom become functional, beautiful, and maximizes the existing floor space, some components such as fixtures, tiles, colors, lighting, sinks, countertops, etc, should be considered.

The color of house is important to makes the house looks great. It is not only choosing a great looking color, but also choose a right color and paint to maintenance. Here is some facts about the paint chose for a house painting project.

Flowers not only used to decorating exterior, it also can be used to decorating the interior to makes home more beautiful. A lot of flower can be found in the market, from local to import flowers can be found there. If there are flowers on garden, it can be used to decorating the interior.

Size is not everything. It’s true, not only big patio which can be a great and beutifull place. Small Patio can be great if designed to appear larger or give it some eye-catching appeal. One of the method is to create a wall mural to make the patio seems larger.

BBQ grill gazebo is a usefull accessories for a house to makes an outdoor grilling events more pleasant. It will protect grills and the owner from any unpleasant weather such as rains and hot sun shine.

Sometimes apartments has a boring style with white walls, ordinary furniture and gray or brown carpet. It is more boring when it can’t freely decorated such as decorating own house. Sometimes owners of apartments not allowing renters to paint the walls. To designing the apartments several things should do by the renters.

Small apartment sometimes hard to decorate because the limitedness of the space to put a lot of furniture and accessories. But the small place has big potential if it decorated according to a right plan. Here is some tips to decorating small apartments

Renting an apartment is a cheap way to have a place to live, but also has some limitation such as not allowed to paint the wall. The same room with generic style will make the renters feel bored inside the apartment. It will create a bad atmosphere inside the room and it will affect to […]

Inside a house, a kitchen has an important role. It used to make a food to provide important energy for the people who live on that house. Unhealthy kitchen will influence to the people’s health on that house.