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Futuristic and Unique Wallpaper with LED

This is an unique wallpaper designed by Ingo Maurer from Architects Paper. This is a great idea for wallpaper that will not only make your interior looks great but also illuminate your room. The LED light can be dimmed and hung in more or fewer strips and lengths according to the architecture and furnishing of […]

3D Porcelain Stoneware Cladding in Colorful Design

This is a wall cladding design by INAXthat will be great for both indoor or outdoor. This 3D porcelain stoneware wall cladding has square pattern with a colored glass in yellow, pink, red, blue and green, create an eye-catching and beautiful design for your walls. This will be great for your living room or your […]

Modern Wall Panels that Perfect as Headboard

This is wall panels by Rafa García from Sancal. This wall panels is perfect as your headboard. It has rich mosaic of shapes, textures and colours that will make your bedroom better. Description from designer: Patchwork panels represent a shift of perspective. Inspired by the traditional patchwork quilt, the idea is to bring this rich […]

Super Large and Beautiful Green Wall Installation

This is a super large green wall installation by Green Over Grey for Semiahmoo Public Library and RCMP Facility. It has 3000 square feet of large, really a super large green wall. Green walls, also known as living walls, is an exterior decoration that will make your wall more beautiful by cover it using many […]

Natural Walls with Green Living Plants

These are green walls that has living plants on its surface. It will adds some natural elements to your interior or exterior with green and refreshing plants, just bring the outdoor to the indoor with these green walls. You can choose what type of plants do you want to put, make it as an alternative […]

random square Modern and Eco-friendly Wall with 3D Effects

These are modern wall panels that made by WallArt. It made of bagasse, fibrous residu of sugarcane, which really eco friendly product. It 100% recycled, compostable and is therefore 100% biodegradable. These wall panels has a modern design with effects of 3D on the surface. After installing them they can be painted in every colour […]

Colorful Wall Panels in Hexagon Shape

These are colorful wall panels that used as sound absorbing panels. It made of wood slivers, cement and water in hexagon shape. Designed by Form Us With Love, they used simple, good looking and environmental friendy materials. To make these panels are easy. First the wood slivers is cut from logs and then mixed it […]