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Designed by Tania da Cruz, this unique vase will make your room looks interesting and unusual. With the shape of human head, you can decorate the hair with any flowers and plants you like. You can be both florist and hair stylist! I think it is like a head of medusa, but instead of snakes […]

Designed by Bertrand Jayr for Lyon Beton, this planter has a form of cooling tower of nuclear plant. It tells us the story of two opposite things, nature and nuclear. It tries remind us that even tough nuclear plant is important, we can’t forget the nature. We need to find a way to make nuclear […]

Plant in a pot is a great thing to have for both indoor and outdoor. But as the plant grows, you need to change the pot so the plant will have enough space and they will look fit to each other. Changing the pot will cost you extra money and time, and it may be […]

These are unique vases designed by Diploo Studio as good ghosts of the woods. It has cute shapes that of tiny creatures, singing together to cheer everyone who pass by. They make me smile just by looking at them. And if they can really sing, it will be like a song from heaven. Put different […]

I was amazed when I saw this vase for the first time! It sure looks very beautiful like real waves on the sea. It was created by Kela’s Glass Gallery in detailed design. You can look how realistic it is with the water, foam, and bubbles in beautiful combination. Even without flowers this vase still […]

By combining wood and lightweight moulded reinforced concrete (GRC), Laurie Wiid van Heerden created this over-sized planter for Indigenus. The concrete has stone-like appearance, combined with wood creating one natural-looking piece. Place this planter outside and it will age beautifully over time. More description by Indigenus: Designed by Laurie Wiid van Heerden, the Soma juxtaposes […]

Look at this planter, how cute it is. It is not only a decoration but also a friend to accompany you while you working. Designed by Matteo Cibic, Domsai can hold cactus and succulent plants. More description by Matteo Cibic: • DOMSAI • The best deskfriend you never met ! Handcraft designed and produced with […]

This is a unique vase by Cuatro Cuatros that inspired by Penrose triangle, an impossible object created by Oscar Reutersvärd. This vase creating an optical illusion which will blown your mind. The only downside is you need to see it from the right angle. More from Cuarto Cuartos: Is this an impossible triangle? The interposition, […]

This is a modern planter designed by Alexis Tricoire for a new shopping mall in Prague. The shapes are inspired by the design of shopping bags. More description from Alexis Tricoire: At this new shopping mall in Prague, architects at Alexis Tricoire created the “Green Mobile Project ” a series of suspended, sculptural, mobile gardens. […]

Unique Planters in Contemporary and Antique Design

These are unique planters designed by Jinggoy Buensuceso for HIVE. The Boulders Collection show the great combination between contemporary forms and antique detailing. The simple polygonal shape make these planters looks contemporary while the natural oxidation of metal on the surface gives the rustic antique feel. The Boulders Collection are perfect for your outdoor.