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Designed by Alessandro Zambelli for Diamantini&Domeniconi, this simple clock showing an interesting feature of tiny bell. This clock has minute hand with tip that looks like hammer. When the hand touching the clapper and leave it, the bell will be ringing. More description: The year is 1827; the scene, Teatro La Pergola in Florence. The […]

Designed by Ben Young, this beautiful piece will be great for your living room. You can put it in the center of your living room and use it not only as a sculpture but also as a coffee table. Just put an extra care if you want to do this. Fjord is made of laminated […]

Sometimes it is bother me to use a public restroom’s sink. I feel like my hand is not clean even after I wash it because I need to touch that germ-full faucet handle again. But what if there is a faucet with a handle that could clean itself? The answer is, there is! Little twist […]

This is a clock designed by Damien Urvoy. This clock has a simple and minimalist design that inspired by Centre Pompidou’s pipes. With several color to choose, this clock will be great for your desk.

This is a simple and minimalist wall hook by LaSelva Studio. It simply made of a thin sheet of metal, a wooden body and two screws. It designed to hold most of things you can imagine such as phone, coat, gloves, glasses, etc. Just be creative to use it. More description by LaSelva Studio: Loop […]

Designed by Nina Lindgren this sculpture is a beautiful and interesting piece. It made of cardboard designed like a floating city. Some lamps are installed in some of the houses, creating a lighting effect that shows that there is tiny people who live in the house. You can see the video here.

This is a simple but beautiful wall and floor ornament designed by Formabilio. It molded from a near-paper-thin wood layers, creating a simple form of rack in modern taste. You can put your favorite wine or magazine in it and put it on wall, floor or table. Isn’t this great?

This is an unusual clock designed by David Raffoul for Fabrica, a clock with pocket, just like a kangaroo. You can put little things in it such as keys or maybe messages. More description by David Raffoul: This clock is a three dimensional image of the pocket of a Kangaroo. It involves an action, which […]

This is an amazing design by Gianluca, Edoardo and Matteo called Pelty. The idea comes when Gianluca want to create the right mood for his elegant dinner with his fiancée using bluetooth speaker. But the bluetooth speaker is just an ugly thing made of plastic and need long wires to charge it when out of […]

With the catching name and of course the catching design, this key holder is great for your home. Designed by Malorie Pangilinan and Luz Cabrera, this piece not only act as an ordinary key holder but also a great decoration for you walls. More description by designers: A key holder with matching keychains designed in […]