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This is a unique and interesting things to track your travels. This is a world map globe made of cork where you can pinpoint it and show off where you have been. It was designed by Chiaki Kawakami for Suck UK. This globe will be great decoration for your office or study room. If you […]

By combining wood and lightweight moulded reinforced concrete (GRC), Laurie Wiid van Heerden created this over-sized planter for Indigenus. The concrete has stone-like appearance, combined with wood creating one natural-looking piece. Place this planter outside and it will age beautifully over time. More description by Indigenus: Designed by Laurie Wiid van Heerden, the Soma juxtaposes […]

Just like the name says, this lamp has a feature that is related to eclipse. It shows the time by mimicking the process of eclipse. This simple but stunning clock is designed by Iv├ín Navarro for PK Shop. At midnight it will show no light, then it will illuminated progressively like a real eclipse. Interesting […]

Need something different to store your things? Why don’t you use this mutifunctional containers by Giuliano Valeri fro Formabilio. This container is made of felt, folded and stitched together to form a box shape. The good part is that you can assemble it yourself easily! More description by Formabilio: Multifunctional felt containers cute, handy and […]

This is a beautiful hand carved candle designed by Natalia Burikov. This candle is perfect for a Christmas gift, especially for women. It was made using a complicated 16th century technique where she need to carve it in 15 minutes before the candle cool down and hardens. The result is this amazing and beautiful candle […]

These are unique carpets designed by 157+173 Designers. These carpet is made from woolen and wood, a combination between two different material – soft and hard – to create a new type of flooring. It comes in two different design to choose, fishbone and square. It sure will give you a new experience when you […]

Christmas is coming, and a Christmas tree is a must in everyone’s house who celebrate it. Inspired by his grandfather’s Christmas tree, Matthew Bliss brought back this beautiful and creative Modern Christmas Tree to life. This tree is made from of concentric acrylic rings with chandelier crystals and ornaments that make it looks beautiful. A […]

Need something to put your messy things somewhere and hide it? A plastic box or maybe a cardboard box? But I think it will make your room even uglier. But worry no more, because this modular storage unit will keep your things in a pretty way. Lino was designed by Stefano Visconti for Formabilio, made […]

Designed by Kings of Sweden, this carpet will be an interesting thing in your room. It is made from a random blend of upcycled jeans labels collected from around the world. I had seen a patchwork from old cloth before, but this is the first time I have seen a patchwork from jeans label. More […]

Based on nowadays situation where people become close to someone who live far away but create a distance with someone who live close to them, Stephanie Langard created this outdoor carpet where people can gather together to make them closer. Just imagine sitting together around the fire in the night, telling our story to the […]