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Nature is an amazing thing to enjoy, especially the forest. You can enjoy the green trees with the clean air, birds chirping around you and other animals shouting their language. Is is a peaceful and refreshing place to spend your time. To create this experience more amazing, Birgit Õigus built huge megaphones in the forest […]

Designed as a mobile training facility, this camper also for you who love to travel with camper. It will gives the comfort you want and the functions you need, thanks to the transformable interior. Need a table? Don’t worry, the floor can arise and becomes a table while revealing a hidden storage under it. Designed […]

Designed by Zelf Koelman, Ferrolic is an amazing clock that uses an unusual material called Ferro Fluid, a kind of fluid that can be pulled by magnetic field, for the numbers. Looking at this clock is like looking at a living creature. The numbers are moving like the heartbeat, showing that this clock is live. […]

Designed by Armin Blasbichler Studio, this beautiful door creates a beautiful light effect when sun shines trough it. It was made by laminating 585 reversal films, a photographic film that usually used to create slides for slide projector, of Pantone swatches onto the glass with laminated wooden frame. The result is this colorful door with […]

Designed by Bertrand Jayr for Lyon Beton, this planter has a form of cooling tower of nuclear plant. It tells us the story of two opposite things, nature and nuclear. It tries remind us that even tough nuclear plant is important, we can’t forget the nature. We need to find a way to make nuclear […]

Plant in a pot is a great thing to have for both indoor and outdoor. But as the plant grows, you need to change the pot so the plant will have enough space and they will look fit to each other. Changing the pot will cost you extra money and time, and it may be […]

Designed by TÊTE DE BOIS, this chic looking basket can be used for many things. You can use it as vases, magazines holder, firewoods holder, fruit bowls, etc. It was made of high density rubber that makes this basket flexible, durable, and easy to clean. More description by TÊTE DE BOIS: Colorful, friendly and happy, […]

These are unique vases designed by Diploo Studio as good ghosts of the woods. It has cute shapes that of tiny creatures, singing together to cheer everyone who pass by. They make me smile just by looking at them. And if they can really sing, it will be like a song from heaven. Put different […]

This is a modern cuckoo clock designed by Pedro Mealha. Just like nowadays modern houses, this clock has a minimalist and modern design. With the black frame, the colorful front side comes out beautifully in seven different colors. It also equipped with light sensor that will stop the chirping bird when the night comes. More […]

Having a small space with minimum window is often stressing for us. A window that shows a beautiful scenery would be great in your room. Atmoph Window is a digital window that will shows you beautiful 4K-shot videos and sound that will give you the impression that are actually there. Not only a video, you […]