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front view of Minimalistic and Unique Clock for Modern Interior

These are minimalistic and unique clocks that will fit for your modern or contemporary interior design. Designed by Florin Busuioc, these clocks will offers a nice kinetic effect depending on the position of 3 foils representing the hour, minutes and seconds. It come in two version, a black and CMKY version. This clock creates a […]

Colorful Wall Panels in Hexagon Shape

These are colorful wall panels that used as sound absorbing panels. It made of wood slivers, cement and water in hexagon shape. Designed by Form Us With Love, they used simple, good looking and environmental friendy materials. To make these panels are easy. First the wood slivers is cut from logs and then mixed it […]

Cool Key Ring Design with Cloud Form

This is a cool, simple, stylish and practical keyring in the form of cloud. This will prevent you losing your keys while decorate your wall with its cloud sculpture form. Designed by Duncan Shotton, Cloud can hold up to 220 grams of weight. The keys which hanging Cloud like rain from the Cloud. Here are […]

Cooling Ceramic Screen for Interior Spaces

This is an analog cooling ceramic screen that can make your house cooler without the use of electricity. All you need to do is run a bit of cold water in the morning. Not only as a cooling, it also offer a fantastically lovely bit of interior design as a conduit. Designed by Mey kahn […]

detail view of Cool Television that Goes Transparent in Standby Mode

This is a cool television that goes transparent when in standby mode by Michael Friebe. It features invisible flatscreen that blends into the home environment when not in use. As the first of its kind, the Loewe Invisio introduces technical innovation, combining conventional LCD and the latest TOLED display technology. This allows to create non-transparent […]