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Public Gathering Space in Rollercoaster-like Shape

This public gathering space that designed by Interval Architectsfor Beijing Huangzhuang Vocational School. This space has an unique rollercoaster-like shape that can become an identity to the school as well as a fun image that was widely welcomed by the students. This public space built as an iconic image to the institution as well as […]

white Multi-use Wall Hanger in Ring Form

You will love this simple wall hanger by Lagström Wiktorsson. It has simple steel ring form with five different sizes that can be choosed to place different things that you have. You can place your jacket, newspaper, accessories, bag or even shoes on this wall hanger. It comes in powder-coated charcoal gray and white, make […]

3D Porcelain Stoneware Cladding in Colorful Design

This is a wall cladding design by INAXthat will be great for both indoor or outdoor. This 3D porcelain stoneware wall cladding has square pattern with a colored glass in yellow, pink, red, blue and green, create an eye-catching and beautiful design for your walls. This will be great for your living room or your […]

Modern and Cool Faucet in Continuation Design

This faucet designed by Bonomicalled as Virgo Faucet. It has cool and modern design with its continuation design, showing the character of flowing water. It inspired by the equipment that brings water into our home. The water not flow from its tip but from a hole in the middle of its body. It has simple […]

Simple Natural Planters in Boxy Legs Shape

These are planters designed by Kenneth Cobonpue for Hive. These planters called as Safari because it inspired by animal’s body shape such as girafe that inspiring the tall one and hedgehog that inspiring the petite one. It has boxy legs shape with subtle curves in several different size. You can place your favorite plants on […]

Unique Bathroom Table Sink Design in Cream Marble

This is a bathroom table sink made of cream marble with a unique sink design. This table sink designed by Wet, an Italian bathroom brand. It contains of two sink with round hole shape that gradually expand from the bottom to the top. Called as Shadow Table, this table sink has unique pattern of shadow […]

Modern and Minimalist Shower with Folding Head

This is a simple and minimalist shower column designed by Treesse. This shower formed in board-like shape with foldable head that can folded from its upright position to a perfect 90 degree angle. You can adjust it to a perfect position for you. It comes in several finishing to choose such as matte white or […]

Modern Wall Panels that Perfect as Headboard

This is wall panels by Rafa García from Sancal. This wall panels is perfect as your headboard. It has rich mosaic of shapes, textures and colours that will make your bedroom better. Description from designer: Patchwork panels represent a shift of perspective. Inspired by the traditional patchwork quilt, the idea is to bring this rich […]

Multi-use Environmental Installation that Made of Wood

This is an interesting multi-use environmental installation called Crater Lake and designed by 24° Studio. Crater Lake is made of wooden and can be used for lounge, meeting area, playing ground and another activities that you want. You can take a rest on this installation while enjoying the surrounding or chat with your friends. They […]

mat black Eye-catching Faucet with Thin Body Shape

This is a faucet design that win the reddot design award 2011. It has thin body shape if you see it from the front and large shape when you see it from the side. This design make it amazingly eye-catching and can’t be missed. This faucet designed by ISMAand has minimalist but interesting design. This […]