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This is an unusual clock designed by David Raffoul for Fabrica, a clock with pocket, just like a kangaroo. You can put little things in it such as keys or maybe messages. More description by David Raffoul: This clock is a three dimensional image of the pocket of a Kangaroo. It involves an action, which […]

Designed by The National Design Collective, this clock inspired by traditional diamond cutting. It made of concrete, an unusual material for a clock, in a modern faceted shape like a beautiful jewelry. More description by The National Design Collective: Inspired by traditional diamond faceting geometry, each clock is cast in our studio using our own […]

This is a unique clock designed by Robocut Studio in collaboration with Baron Magazine. They use three vanishing points that usually used in drawing technique. The result is this stunning clock that looks like a wooden box. More description by Robocut Studio: The 3P clock (3 vanishing points) project was born from a collaboration between […]

This is a unique clock designed by Poetic Lab, using shadow to show the hours, minutes and seconds hands. They tried to show the relation between time and light, resulting this wonderful clock design. You can see the video here. More description by Poetic Lab: Time is always closely related to light, either conceptually or […]

It looks like an ordinary clock, but there is something different. Yes, the center is slightly wrong. It is not in the tip of two hands but only in the center of minutes hand. Dislocation Clock is designed by Hanhsi Chen for Poetic Lab. It sure will amazed people who saw it. You can see […]

These are clocks designed by Quinten Peuling and Wisse Trooster of qoowl using a worn sanding disk. Each clocks is telling a different story of a craftsman, showed by the unique pattern on its surface. Description by the designers: The clock-face is made of a worn sanding disc. Through the wear of the sanding disc […]

This is an unique wall-clock designed by J.P.Meulendijks from Plankton that uses optical illusion to create something interesting. This clock designed with numbers that will dissolved when you walking away from the clock. You can see the video here or buy it here. This big bamboo wall clock will catch your eye by changing shape […]

Amazing Clock that Contains 288 Customized Analogue Clocks

This is an amazing clock by Per Emanuelsson and Bastian Bischoff for Humans since 1982. This clock contains 288 customized two-handed analogue clocks that will forming a single digital clock. You can see the video here. All 288 clock houses together create one giant display similar to that of a digital display, all hands move […]

Paradoxical Artistic Multi-faceted Clock

This clock named Cucoo clock is designed by Stefan Hepner. The very characteristic of this unique clock is its traditional pendulum design which contrasts to the elegant, enchanting modern look. This is so paradoxical. While the double pendulum suggests classical impression, the multi-faceted shape offers stylish graceful sense. Equally unique is the choose of color; […]

Beautiful Concrete Clocks with Unique Radial Patterns

These are beautiful and unique clocks designed by LeeLABS called Para Clocks. These clocks made of concrete and designed using digital design methods of parametric software. This software allows us to create our own patterns by follows a simple set of steps and rules for making them. So you can own a beautiful and unique […]