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Designed by Veronika Szalai, this clock has an unusual feature that make it has the character of a paper. You can fold it, crumple it into a ball, or create a pattern you like and it will be fine, thanks to the paper-like textile. But don’t worry, this material is durable so it will last […]

They say looking at green color can relax your eyes, thus placing this clock in your room would be a great thing to do. Designed by noktuku, this clock is covered in real reindeer moss, yes real, which makes it looks interesting and live. Don’t worry, you don’t need to water this clock everyday because […]

Designed by Zelf Koelman, Ferrolic is an amazing clock that uses an unusual material called Ferro Fluid, a kind of fluid that can be pulled by magnetic field, for the numbers. Looking at this clock is like looking at a living creature. The numbers are moving like the heartbeat, showing that this clock is live. […]

This is a modern cuckoo clock designed by Pedro Mealha. Just like nowadays modern houses, this clock has a minimalist and modern design. With the black frame, the colorful front side comes out beautifully in seven different colors. It also equipped with light sensor that will stop the chirping bird when the night comes. More […]

Designed by Daniel Weil for byshop, this weird and unique lamp was inspired by stringed instruments. The main clock was suspended by strings in tall wooden frame. The clock hands of Instrument turn through 2 apertures that has a shape like the sound holes of the violin. Looking at this clock is like looking at […]

This is a unique clock designed by Duncan Hellmers. Blub has a unique and retro design that looks like an an amplifier with vacuum tubes. The time is glowing inside these “vacuum tubes” called nixie tube. The body is CNC machined from solid aluminum. This is a cool combination between modern and retro design. More […]

This unique clock was designed by Studio Ve, a clock made from carbon fiber with hands like orbits. Each hand has different size of “orbit” and it will rotate as time goes by. Maybe it will take some space in your house, but sure it will be an interesting thing to have. You can see […]

Just like the name says, this lamp has a feature that is related to eclipse. It shows the time by mimicking the process of eclipse. This simple but stunning clock is designed by Iván Navarro for PK Shop. At midnight it will show no light, then it will illuminated progressively like a real eclipse. Interesting […]

Designed by Alessandro Zambelli for Diamantini&Domeniconi, this simple clock showing an interesting feature of tiny bell. This clock has minute hand with tip that looks like hammer. When the hand touching the clapper and leave it, the bell will be ringing. More description: The year is 1827; the scene, Teatro La Pergola in Florence. The […]

This is a clock designed by Damien Urvoy. This clock has a simple and minimalist design that inspired by Centre Pompidou’s pipes. With several color to choose, this clock will be great for your desk.