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Designed by Veronika Szalai, this clock has an unusual feature that make it has the character of a paper. You can fold it, crumple it into a ball, or create a pattern you like and it will be fine, thanks to the paper-like textile. But don’t worry, this material is durable so it will last […]

Designed by Aldana Ferrer Garcia, this window gives you a new way to see outside of your apartment. There are three different versions of this window and the “hopper niche” simply my favorite. See the video here. More description by Aldana Ferrer Garcia: More Sky is a cozy corner for the home that provides visual […]

It is a carpet and a seat! Wobble-up is a graduation project by Sam Linders which offers two different way to use it. You can use it flat like an ordinary carpet or fold it to create a wobbling sitting spots. Another great thing is that you can change the pattern and color as you […]

Using the traditional food preservation technique by burying the food underground, Groundfridge offers an easy to use and energy saver solution to store your food. It was designed by Floris Schoonderbeek for Weltevree, this pod-shaped structure is made from light and strong material that make it easy to install or move. Who says it will […]

They say looking at green color can relax your eyes, thus placing this clock in your room would be a great thing to do. Designed by noktuku, this clock is covered in real reindeer moss, yes real, which makes it looks interesting and live. Don’t worry, you don’t need to water this clock everyday because […]

I want to built a mezzanine for ages, but hiring someone to make it will cost too much and make it myself is too hard for me. Fortunately, with this DIY kit by Tecrostar, building a mezzanine will be an easy task. So if you need an extra space, just build it yourself with this […]

This is interesting. Usually a playhouse has a shape of cute house or castle, but this playhouse has a minimalist and modern design. It was designed by David Lamolla, inspired by contemporary architecture. Maybe the design is not perfect for all kids, but some other kids will definitely love it. The structure is built mainly […]

Do you want to make those tables that were made from LEGO? Or built that awesome LEGO castle? It will take thousands or millions to make it true. But don’t you worry, because with this EverBlock giant building blocks you can make those things in no time with minimum amount of blocks. You can create […]

Isn’t it adorable if your dogs get exited when you get home. And with this fence window they can see you coming from the road and greet you right away. PetPeek was designed to allow your dogs to see what’s is happening out there. It will satisfy their curiosity and off course looks cute when […]

Designed by Tania da Cruz, this unique vase will make your room looks interesting and unusual. With the shape of human head, you can decorate the hair with any flowers and plants you like. You can be both florist and hair stylist! I think it is like a head of medusa, but instead of snakes […]