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pool of Modern Interior Design for Big House

This is an interior design for a big house designed by MLK Studio and Belzberg Architects. The house is a 10,000 square foot main residence with a 2,000 square foot guesthouse. For the furniture, MLK Studio supply custom designed furniture from MLK Studio itself. They use the neutral elements with mixing textures, make the sophisticated […]

upper side view of used Elegant Seating Sculpture Design in Black Color

This is an elegant seating Sculpture design called as Out of the Strong Came Forth Sweetness. This new seating is designed by Ian McChesney by allowing treacle to fall from a spoon and then the result is inverted. Colored in black this sculpture chair is designed for the Angel Building in London. The seating has […]

Cooling Ceramic Screen for Interior Spaces

This is an analog cooling ceramic screen that can make your house cooler without the use of electricity. All you need to do is run a bit of cold water in the morning. Not only as a cooling, it also offer a fantastically lovely bit of interior design as a conduit. Designed by Mey kahn […]

brand garden of MTV Networks Headquarters Interiors Design

This is redesigned MTV Networks Headquarters interior design by Dan Pearlman. Their works including redesign reception, meeting and break room areas. The design is showing an “axis of inspiration” on the first floor from the northern to the southern facade. The spacious atrium designed for informal meetings, which can accommodate up to 250 employees. It […]

Brown Facade Design Ideas in Modern Style left view

This is a modern house facade colored in brown designed by Luis de Garrido. The design is very stylish and modern made of wooden and concrete wall. This modern facade will provide a full privacy for the owner. Here are some photos of this modern facade design in brown color.

Designed by a Canadian design studio, UrbanProduct, the Dune Wall Treatment are made from local materials such as concrete, wood, or ceramic. Each tile has 8″ square and rise 1″.7/8ths from the applied surface.

The Baths of Caracalla or in italian called as Terme di Caracalla is a Roman public baths located in Rome, Italy. It built during the reign of the Emperor Caracalla from 212 until 216. In the 6th century the hydraulic installation of the building destroyed during the Gothic War. Started from that time, the building […]

The Jantar Mantar or Yantra Mantra is a collection of architectural astronomical instruments located in west central India. Built by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur in 1727 until 1734, it consist five location. Each site has multiple building of unique form and each building has a specialized function for astronomical measurement.

The Austrian Postal Savings Bank is a building for Österreichische Postsparkasse(a postal savings bank in Austria, owned by the Austrian Mail and thus by the government) designed by Otto Wagner. It start the construction in 1904 and finish it in 1912. Located at Vienna, Austria, the building has an early modern style with reinforced concrete […]

330 West 42nd Street is one of the McGraw Hill Building on New York. The original one is located at 469 Tenth Avenue. The building designed by Raymond Hood in 1930. It used terra cotta and glass cladding over steel frame as the construction, make it has a modern style.