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This is a unique coffee table designed by Başak Bakkaloğlu and Cemal Çobanoğlu from Abra Design Studio. The idea is simple, create a table with map on it, but the result is amazing. It looks like a random pattern, but when you see it closely you will know that it is a map. This table […]

This is a unique wooden table designed by The Fundamental Group. The table is inspired by the Atlas Mountains, thus the small pyramids thing resemble the beautiful mountains on the vast land. You can take these dark brown pyramids by pulling out from the table and place it anywhere you want. More description by The […]

This is a unique table designed by Will Jackson. This table has an area that looks like swelling. Maybe this is not useful other than as a decoration, but it sure will look interesting in your room. I hope it has a bigger version.

Designed by Arunkumar Ng, this table concept will be amazing in reality. Just looks at the images! It has a design that looks like a pond complete with beautiful flamingos, making you feel close to the nature even from inside of your house. I know you want it!

This table was designed by Louise-Anne van ‘t Riet for people who never tidy up so they can remember to tidy up this table if there is something on it. Even tough the description is not so cool, but the table itself is really cool. Even people who love to clean will love this table! […]

This is a unique table designed by Kompaniet. It has a unique surface with hollows that looks like it was scooped out. Maybe you start thinking, how can we use this table with uneven surface? The answer is you can, but with special tableware that comes with this table. Maybe you can’t put your ordinary […]

There are doubts that it isn’t made from a real Boeing 747’s engine, but even if it is true this conference table is still cool! It was Designed by MotoArt from a General Electric engine nacelle. Do you want to amaze your clients or your employees? Buy this table if you want it! More description […]

Designed by Menéndez and Gamonal Arquitectos for University of Oviedo, this table has a unique shape that is inspired by artists palette. It has holes where student can sit inside it. The holes positioned so it can improve relations among students by sitting together and facing each other. This is a smart way to maximize […]

Designed by Ineke Hans for Arco, this modern table has hidden a thin table top. But the interesting part is that inside this thin table top you can find drawers to store your things. You can put your laptops, placemats, cutlery, key, or any other small or thin things that will fit inside. More description […]

Maybe you have see those expandable tables which you can pull the sides to make more room, but this table has different system in a simpler way. NYCTALE Table was designed by Designarium. consists of two parts that can be rotated on the corner, providing extra spaces to put your glass, bottles, or other things […]