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Designed by Gonçalo Campos, this minimalist table was inspired by pie chart. Even tough it has a simple design, it has a unique feature of a rotating storage. This storage divided into 4 spaces with different colors where you can put things based on the category. The good part is you can rotate it to […]

Designed by Michael Beitz, this picnic table is great for public park or maybe for your garden. This picnic table has a unique shape of tree that was designed both for adults and kids. These different sizes of table and bench allow all of your family to gather, talk, and play on this table.

When you look at this table, you will agree with its name, Soft. This beautiful table was designed by Nendo for Glas Italia. It has beautiful gradient of colors on the joint between two sheets of glass. To emphasize the softness of the colors, the frosted glass was printed with a pattern to make the […]

This simple looking table was designed by Moreno Ratti for Carrara Design Factory. But behind the simple appearance this table has other personality. You, as the owner, could reveal hidden personality if you want. Just break the marble slats to change it from a modern design into a classic design. More description by Moreno Ratti: […]

Designed by Benjamin Nordsmark, this table will bring the nostalgic childhood memory when we play with small figurines in different universe in our imagination. But instead of our own imagination, the story takes place in a labyrinth inside a table. The figurines can be moved around by handles underneath it. The handles have a simple […]

This modern coffee table will be great for your modern and contemporary interior. It was designed by Jaime Andres Quinapallo Salcedo and it comes with unique planter for your herbs. Maybe you can plant mint and use it for your tea. Or you can put another herbs for your delicious salad. The table’s shape was […]

Designed by Brandon Gore, this coffee table has an unusual feature of built-in saucers on the top. You can put your glass of coffee or tea while chatting. Or if you not in the mood for a glass of coffee or tea, you can use this table as a laptop workspace or a bench. More […]

Windy coffee table is a modern table designed by Dmitry Kozinenko. It has geometric edges that looks like being blown by the wind. This modern coffee table will be great for your modern or contemporary interior.

This multifunction coffee table will be great for you who have a pet and want to save some space. It was designed by Fabbricabois and comes with magazine racks and a bed for your pet. The shape is a reinterpretation of Japanese origami, thus it can be assembled easily just like creating an origami. Just […]

These console tables by Máximo Riera are an unusual combination between natural and modern material. The raw-looking table top is made of lifeless debris from authentic millenarian olive tree wood found in southern Spain. For the legs they use geometric metal structures that looks frail but actually strong enough to hold the mass table top […]