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Beautiful Side Table with Mexican Handcrafted Knitted Rattan

Mexico artisans Alejandra Pimentel, Irene Rojas, Alejandra Rodriguez, Estefania Robles, Cecilia Ezquerro and Francisco Torres have worked together to create a project design called Maria Bonita. Sound like a pretty name, right? Indeed, the name reminds us to the exotic beauty of Mexico. Using materials from nature: Nogal walnut or pinewood and knitted rattan, the […]

Functional Work Desk in Minimalist and Futuristic Figure

Another unusual piece of furniture has been designed by David Hsuin the form of futuristic desk called Desk 117. The designer is principally inspired by stealth bombers of sharp edges and straight lines, creating a unique desk crafted in sleek black tint with elegant and advanced look. Interestingly, this chic piece is also completed with […]

Unique Portable Side Table with Hanging Hook

Do you like fishing? You might also like this unusual table designed in hook shape. The designer, Eric Degenhardtbrings the concept of simplicity, uniqueness and mobility in this Hook table all at once. Designed in unique round shape, the table has a “hook” which is actually an extension of its foldable feet. Such feature also […]

Unique and Multifunctional Coffee Table Composed of Smaller-Table Elements

  Francesc Ros Fusteria Decoració has recently introduced a cool table design called 3×3 table, designed by 3PATAS. Perfectly fit into contemporary taste, the design mainly emphasize on its functional use and possibility to reduce space all at once, resulted in three tables combined in one set. The set consists of one large table featuring […]

yellow Classy Steel Table in Cone-Shape

Luca Nichetto has presented La Chancea new stylish table design called Float table. This unique furniture may look simple and uncomplicated in its cone shape, but Float table actually is constructed using high metal sheet technology which is generally used in aircraft components. This excellent design is available in two different versions: Jekyll and Hyde. […]

Contemporary Low Table in Unique Round Shape

Modern era always demands contemporary style emphasizing on functionality and simplicity, even in furniture choice. Martin Hass, fulfilling this demand, has created Pillar Table. This unique table consists of separated parts which can be linked together to form a complete low table unit. The main part is a round two legged piece in sandwich-like shape […]

Contemporary Side Tables in Unique Shape

Odesi introduced new contemporary table series called Pi and Up. These simple yet chic tables are designed by a Deutsch designer, Marc Th. van der Voorn. Like the name implies, the uniqueness of Pi table is on its shape which resembles mathematic pi (π) sign. Similarly, the Up table also resembles up (↑) sign, the […]

Mini-table with Great Storage Function

This Kai table is a simple coffee table designed by Naoki Hirakoso. Rather than focusing on aesthetic details, Hirakoso gives more emphasis on its function and simplicity. Regardless of its simple design, Kai table offers a great function as it has big storage capacity inside. What looks like just a simple square table actually consists […]

Simple and Modern Wooden Table in Beautiful Shape

This is simple and modern table designed by Daan Mulder. This wooden table is part of Form Follows Function series like this sofa. It has beautiful flowing design as an object without loose parts. The top made by laminating multiple layers of wood, make it thin but strong. Finished with oak veneer and painted in […]

Fully Equipped Drawing Table for Kids

Did you have cute children that love to drawing over your walls? Why don’t you give them space and tools to improve theirs creativity. With this table you will not worries anymore about dirty walls because of your children. Deluxe Art Center Table produced by Guidecraft, you can buy it for USD$ 450.00. This table […]