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Designed by Ji Eun Kang, this coffee table has a minimalist and fluid design that is inspired by a fluid movement of fabric blown by subtle Californian breeze. The form itself represent the fabric that blown away and landed on a sand dune at the beach, a beautiful moment when you imagine it. Designed for […]

Designed by Bina Baitel, these minimalist bedside tables connected by colorful tapestry that makes them look like vomiting colorful paints or paints spilled from inside the tables. The unique combination creates contemporary, unique and beautiful design. This design allows you to use it as a functional furniture, comfortable space, or a decoration in your room. […]

This is a smart way to transform a waste into something useful, make it into a furniture. Designed by alcarol, this furniture collection is made from scrap wooden planks that were used for the base when cutting marble. The cutting processes left unique checkerboard texture and also marble dust and grains that provide color variation […]

I am sorry for the click-bait title, but they are just look like a bird legs for me. This table was designed by Urban Outfitters, a table with unique legs that look like huge bird legs. With this unusual bird legs, that is made from aluminum and iron materials, this table looks fresh and artistic. […]

This is a brilliant table design by Raphaël Ménard and Jean-Sébastien Lagrange from ZeroEnergyFurniture. This table has a colling/heating system that helps you save energy and reduce your electricity bill. But how, you ask? It is thanks to the phase-change materials (PCM) that placed between the surface of plain wood and the folded sheet of […]

I have seen before that someone used big lens from old TV as a burner for a lot of things, even metal. And now with the same method it used as a grill for BBQ where people can have fun with each other, it is just fantastic. This grill + table was designed by Lanzavecchia […]

Designed by Craft Modern, Gira table consist modular base which you can mix and match as you want. The base is made of a t-slot aluminum post and aluminum legs that fasten to the slot. You can choose the post and legs colors from various color options. This way you can custom your own table […]

When I see it, I think that this table is not something that was made from scrap materials. It just like a table that was designed that way. The idea of using scraps of wood to create this beautiful table is just amazing. The designers behind this design is Domingos Pascali and Sarkis Semerdjian. The […]

This awesome table was designed Brooksbank & Collins in honor of Etienne Louis Boullee, a neo-classical architect. This table represent a glimpse of interstellar horizons, the monumental shadows of the planets and the glittering light of a thousand distant suns. It consist of sphere, disc and axial base that interlock each other, creating one perfect […]

Designed by Paolo Foglini for Formabilio, this minimalist and modern console will be great for your contemporary house. It was inspired by crane machines, turned into a minimalist and modern object that will be great for your interior. Gusella comes with shelves as the leg, allowing you to put your favorite books, magazines, or decoration […]