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Look at this beautiful table by Jake Phipps. Inspired by amethyst geodes, Stellar Console Table has a side with angled mirrors that make it looks like a beautiful gems. More description by Jake Phipps: The Stellar Console Table takes inspiration from the natural attributes of amethyst geodes. The large expansive surfaces of the console are […]

Need something serious and fun in in the same time for your office? This table by Ryan Vanderbilt is perfect for your office as it can transformed from a conference table into a tennis table. You and your colleague will healthy and never bored or stressed again. More description by Ryan Vanderbilt: We no longer […]

Designed by Limahl Asmall from MacMaster Design, this dining table looks like Jenga, isn’t it? It can accommodate 6 to 8 people diners. More description by MacMaster Design: The Nest Dining table makes a stunning reception table or centre-piece to an open space. However, honouring its most common utility it can accommodate six to eight […]

This is a beautiful and colorful table designed by MN Design. It shows prism-like effect that made of colored elastic, makes it looks beautiful and amazing. You can see different pattern from different angle. More description by MN Design: Prism is a table that tells a story. No matter what angle you look at this […]

This wonderful and unique coffee table is designed by Shelby Parris. The design is inspired by a book. More description by Shelby Parris: Alice is A book inspired coffee table,made by forming the leaves in a vacuum press.With an internal core of flexi-plywood and Zebrano constructional veneers with hand made Zebrano lipping. And Glass effect […]

This is an extendable table designed by Juan Pablo Quintero and Michel Gironde for Mediodesign. It has four triangular pieces that can be pulled out to make a bigger table when you need it. More description by Mediodesign: Robust and architectonic, the table is composed by four triangular pieces that are hidden below the central […]

This is an unusual table designed by Alberto Dias Ribeiro for KUB. It consists 4 components that can be removed and placed back like a real puzzle. More description by KUB: PUZZLE TABLE is not an usual table. We could say that it’s not just a table… Actually this object consists of five distinct parts: […]

This is a simple and minimalist coffee table designed by Zach George. This table is made of a reclaimed section of bowling lane. The result is this clean and simple coffee table that great for your room.

This is a simple table designed by Pablo Llanquin using pieces of melamine boards that discarded by most of furniture factories. More description by Pablo Llanquin: The fundamental concept of this table is intended the use of pieces of Melamine boards that are employed and dismissed by most furniture factories. These can not be used […]

This is a simple coffee table designed by Tabanda with base inspired by moose antlers. It designed to use as little material as possible. More Description by Tabanda: “Coffee? Coffee? Tea? So, that”s two coffees and one tea.” – if this does not sound familiar, you have never been at your aunt”s birthday. At the […]