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Designed by John Houshmand and identified as Item No. 0273, this table is made of split raw log. It has a simple design but the result is great.

This is a unique and cool side table designed by MANUFRACT®. This handcrafted side table is made of broken pieces of wooden board, filled with resin to fix the wound. The result is amazing, it is like looking at lakes in the middle of desert.

Have you seen those unique, big trees on Africa called Baobab? RKNL was inspired by those trees and created this unique and minimalist side table. It comes with three “leaves” where you can put things on it. Interesting isn’t it? More description by RKNL: The BoBo Side Table does not follow the conventional rules. It […]

This is a new and interesting way to play billiard. Cléon Daniel designed this billiard table to have a donut shape. Playing it will need a completely different technique and it can be either fun or frustrating. With this billiard table, you can play it with both adults and kids. And when you are not […]

This is a minimalist coffee table by Henry Swanzy, a coffee table that is easy to assemble and disassemble. It contains only glass top, wooden legs and bungee cord. The structure of the glass top and the wooden legs gives stability to the table while the cord is used to hold the legs in position […]

This modern-looking coffee table will looks good in your house. ONDULAÇÃO was made by Richard Nascimento and Kati Takahashi of Estudio RIKA. It was inspired by the movement of water, especially the movement that is made by obstacle in the water. The result is the unique pattern on top of the table that looks like […]

Looking at this marble dining table and handwoven chair is oddly satisfying for me. The table has notches that fit perfectly with the chairs and making an interesting pattern of diamonds and rectangle. These furniture are designed by Bureau de Change for Efasma along with other furniture like sofa and stool. More description by Efasma: […]

Designed by Max Lamb for Benchmark, this table is a neat piece for your dining room. It was based on traditional English storage chests, box stools and troughs. It has a hidden storage where you can put your tableware. To access this storage, just lift the planks in the middle of the table with little […]

Designed by Lee Yongwoo, this coffee table allows you to store your fruit, wine, and other beverage in perfect cooling temperature. This way, you don’t need to get them from the kitchen or wine cellar. The shape itself was inspired by a grand piano, a huge classical piano that often used in orchestra. Just open […]

Designed by Richard Yasmine, this side table has both unusual and elegant design that makes it unique and interesting. This side table was designed to look like a piece of jewelry, not just an ordinary furniture. That is why it has an elegant design with marble for the table top and shiny solid brass for […]