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This is a really cool stool designed by Mary Graham. This stool will collapse when someone sit on it and then bounce back up when the person moves away. But don’t worry, you can sit on it if you approach the stool cautiously. You can use this stool to prank your friends.

This is a minimalist and modern stool designed by Lefteris Tsampikakis. It was inspired by the structure formed by the atoms that shows electrons orbiting around the nucleus. The result is interesting. With the beech wood seat and legs and also the powder-coated steel frame, this stool is perfect for modern and classical interior. More […]

This is a great stool for this world that needs something eco-friendly for the daily life. It was designed by KaCaMa Design Lab using recycled materials. The seat use cable insulation that is woven into a fan-cover while the legs come from stripped down wooden crates. The result is great. You wouldn’t notice that it […]

Instead choosing a rebel like she was asked to do, Hanna Bramford use a metaphor to picture this figure. The Black Sheep, someone who stands out from the group, pictured in this unique stool by using black wool from black sheep. The wool then carded, washed, and made it into balls. The balls is used […]

This is a simple stool that uses an unusual material for the seating, money. Yes you read that right, money. Shredded paper bill to be precise. It was designed by Angela Mathis to recycle old money which usually decommissioned and burned. It maybe looks like an ordinary stool with random graphic, but imagine your friends’s […]

This interesting wooden stool was designed by Kamila Sęk. It is inspired by an interesting animal itself, a hedgehog. By mimicking the spines of hedgehog, this stool has gaps between its wooden “spines” that make it has a light weight but provides a broad seating surface. But don’t worry, the “spines” will not hurt you.

This is a super cute stool will make your room looks cute too. It will be perfect for your kid’s bedroom, but it will also be great for any room if you want. It was designed by Paolo del Toro who use a halved log of maple and turned it into a form of white […]

This is a simple but interesting stool designed by Davide G Aquini. This stool has seat that looks like natural stone such as granite and marble, but it actually a conglomeration of soft polyurethane. When you see it from afar, you will guess it is a natural stone. But when you sit on it you […]

Designed by Zara Home, this stool has a unique design with rope covering it. It looks like a roll of rope sitting on a dock. You can use it as a stool or as a side table. The rope decoration itself creates an interesting design that will be great both for indoor or outdoor.

These unique stools were designed by Baked / Roast, a group of designers who love skateboarding. The name of Baked / Roast itself is an anagram for skateboard, that is why their products are not far from skateboard. Like these stools, it has seat that is made from skateboard. And if you are a skateboarding […]