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Cozy Sofa with Alcove-Shaped Backs

This is a unique sofa design that has Alcove-Shaped Backs which offers cozy space and little privacy for user. This seating designed by Samuel Accoceberry and Jean-Louis Iratzoki, showing plenty an opportunity to explore their singularly standing-out architecture and proportions. It also consist of soft cushions to curl up into for relaxation and taking a […]

Cool Modern Seating and Lounge with Organic Form

This is a cool modern seating and lounge colored in white. The Archetto designed by Sybarite and Marzorati Ronchetti to create a seating which are functional and welcoming at the same time on an area of relatively small size. It designed to stimulating people to get close to each other and thus encourage interaction and […]

Simple and Comfortable Modular Sofa Design ideas with coffee table

This is a simple, modern and comfortable modular sofa inspired by Nordic. This sofa designed by Francesc RifĂ© for KOO International. The cushion supported by wooden platform inside the sofa. It has a few sacks dropped on top and also has a various elements which add something of a human quality to the collection, such […]