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Unique and Comfortable Sofa in Love Shape

This is an unique sofa with its apple shape, a shape that also represent the love shape. This sofa designed by Famaand called My Apple because its shape that looks like aplle from top and the design that will bring an intimate feeling for the users. This is a comfortable sofa that designed for one […]

Modern Modular Sofa Many Colors to Choose

This sofa designed by Meritalia, bring a freedom to you to create a great combination for your interior. You can arrange it to a position that perfect for you and make it functionally by place the right pieces to the right place. It comes in many colors to choose. You can choose the right colors […]

Modular Sofa that Allow You To Stack It As You Want

This unique sofa will be an interesting pieces on your interior. This sofa consist of many form that allow you to place as you want to suit it with your interior. Use your creativity to place it as you want and create an unique design of your sofa. Designed by Felicerossi, it can placed against […]

Cool Sofa Equipped with Touch Screen Audio Devices

This is a cool sofa designed by David Caon and Juicy Designnamed Soundscape Sofa for Audio Technica. This sofa equipped with audio devices from Audio Technica that allow the user sit while try the products. The audio devices consist of six touch screen listening docks, different headphone and another interesting product. This sofa is made […]

white Simple and Minimalist Sofa with Detachable Backrest

This is a simple and minimalist sofa designed by Matteograssi. Upholstered with leather, this chair looks luxury but not really comfortable. The backrest can be placed in linear or corner position to create full back or half back sofas, or maybe a bench when all of the backrest not attached. The legs is made of […]

side view of red Configurable Modern Sofa with Extended Table

This is a modern sofa that has long base as extended table. Designed by Mauro Lipparini for Saporiti Italia, this sofa take the characteristics of sofas, armchairs and tables and combine it into one modern sofa. This sofa is freely configurable, you can place the seats and cushion wherever you like, offers different use to […]

used Unique Sofa that Customizable Into Several Forms

This is an unique sofa that has several form to use. You can change it as you like, starts from a cozy double seating sofa, face-to-face sitting area, daybed, until a dressing area. Colored in dark green, it give a peace and fresh atmosphere when you seat on this sofa. Made by Campeggi, Sosia sofa […]

front view of Comfortable Sofa with Leaves Pattern on all The Surface

This is a comfortable sofa designed by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell manufacturer. With color of red, this sofa is really eyecatching. The leaves seating is resting on a plastic framework of branches, featuring a seat with top-stitched embroidery on four round legs. This sofa will be fit to your room even if it placed in […]

upper side view of used Elegant Seating Sculpture Design in Black Color

This is an elegant seating Sculpture design called as Out of the Strong Came Forth Sweetness. This new seating is designed by Ian McChesney by allowing treacle to fall from a spoon and then the result is inverted. Colored in black this sculpture chair is designed for the Angel Building in London. The seating has […]

front view of Comfortable Sofa with Adjustable Backrests and Movable Footrests

This is a comfortable leather sofa with adjustable backrest and moveable footrest. Designed by Cor, this sofa has a traditional sofa style and materials while offers a modern atmosphere. The design will fit for the modern home interior. The low-profile cushions and armrests are comfortable, make you enjoy your movie.The backrest can be reclined to […]