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Unique Leather Sofa With Interesting Art Doodle on Its Surface

This sofa has unique and creative surface pattern of doodle, designed by FRONT. This chair produced by Moroso. The sofa itself actually has a circular form, folded and tucked into a shape that is appropriate for sitting. It shows the creativity, inspire the user to live with creative mind. This sofa will be interesting in […]

Modern Sofa Inspired by Stone Pines

This is a modern sofa designed by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance for La Chance. Borchese sofa inspired by the stone pines of the Villa Borghèse in Roma. It use metal structure that looks like real branch, support the backrest while give a modern but natural view. This sofa will be great for your modern and contemporary […]

Smart Sofa Design that Could Transform Into Multi Seat

  Albert Luhas designed an unique and smart sofa that could transform between single seat to multi seats. The idea is to provide you flexible choice for your interior in different situations. When you alone at home, you can makes it into single seat that will hold you in comfortable sensation. But when your friends […]

Modern Sofa with Flexible Configuration Options

This modern sofa is designed by Arik Levy for Palau. This sofa has large number of configurations and a flexible system such as various backrest heights and add on pillows that allows any people can feel comfortable on this sofa. It also equipped with side table that has a storage space to place your stuffs. […]

Unique Blocky Sofa with A Lot Of Combination

This is a sofa collection designed by Studio Lawrenceto be pieced together that will become endless seating combinations that can continually transform. It comes in several shape such as a standard seat is 50cm wide and is available with a set of arms, a single arm or without, and a wider 75cm option with arms […]

Modular Small Sofa that Can Converted Into Funny Sets

This is an unique sofa designed by Saba Italia, a comfortable modular sofa that in soft and eveloping shapes characterize. Basically it just a small sofa, but you can set it into a lot of funny sets. The frame use multilayers beech wood with sterilized goose feather for the padding and covered with 100% cotton […]

Super Modern Sofa in Soft Fluid Form

This is a sofa designed by Nuvist Architecture & Designnamed Vesna Sofa. This sofa has super modern design with soft fluid curves and seamless textured material that will be great for your modern interior. This is a flex sofa that will follow the user body, give a comfort shape to the user. This sofa is […]

Unique Sofa Design with Customizable Supports

This is an unique sofa design, designed by Danilo Cvjetkovic, a sofa with airy, hollow, punched body with colourful, soft and bendable supports. It will attract your guest or even yourself. It designed for changeable sitting-resting experience and joyful play, make it great for adult or even for children. It has bendable support that can […]

Simple and Modern Sofa Inspired by Cowry Shell Shape

This is a modern and simple sofa designed by Danilo Cvjetkovic, a designer from Canada. This sofa is inspired by the natural and peaceful shape of cowry shell. You can feel the ocean while sit on this sofa. The soft seating make it comfortable to sit on it where you can enjoy your relaxing time. […]

white Comfortable and Unique Sofa that Can be Folded

This is a comfortable sofa designed by Benaldo. This sofa can be folded and molded into a suitable form that make you comfortable. You can make it from sofa form to bed form, bring you a cozy and comfortable sitting, lounging and even sleeping experience. This sofa comes in clean white and soft pink color […]