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Multifunctional Sofa that Can Transformed Into Dining Table

This is a multifunctional sofa designed by Julia Kononenko based on her confrontation with furniture for the living space. This sofa can easily transformed into a small dining table for six people, complete with six padded stools where you can sit comfortably. All you have to do is just take the cushions and expand their […]

front upholstered Simple and Light Sofa with A Lot of Space Under The Seating

This is a simple and light sofa designed by Javier Moreno and Jose A. Esteban for FDM. Gravity Sofa has a shape of frame that leaves a lot of space between the seating and the floor. It makes this sofa light and looks like floating. You can place things inside this space such as magazine, […]

Functional Sofa Featuring Space for Your Dog

Munseungjihas introduced a new brand product called “Dog house Sofa”. Just like the name suggests, the design includes a sofa which can also be functioned as dog house. Made of fine ash wood and finished with comfortable seating, the sofa also accommodates a space for your pets. It is the room left under the armchair […]

Modern Sofa Featuring Modifiable Seating Variation

French designer Matali Crasset has created ‘dynamic life’ – a modern sofa which allows you to create different seating variation depending on your need. This Dynamic Life is branded for italian furniture company Campeggi. The design consists of seven sections assembled in a row. Each section is made of two parts linked by a thin […]

Functional Modular Sofa with Modifiable Wooden Tables

Marcin Wielgosz of Merely┬áhas presented a smart design of sofa called Hocky. It is a modern sofa assembled of modular parts and completed with integrated tables. The design allows you to creatively manipulate the form of the sofa according to your need and preference. The wooden tables a removable and yet make them modifiable as […]

Modern Sofa with Plane Panel

Elevate is a new seating design created by French designer Marc Venot for the manufacturer FLOWN. The material used is similar to those used to cover the inside of a long distance plane, a panel made out of resin. Although the outside part is made of strong material, the inside is covered with soft and […]

Modern Sofa with Cheerful Yellow Crisscross Lines

Korean designer Kim HyunJoohas created modern design of sofa called Grid sofa. This chic sofa is presented matching the stool for the lobby of the SK Group building at the 2012 Yeosu Expo in Korea. Just like the name implied, the sofa comes in unique figure of grid lines. Grid is available in bright blue […]

Comfy Sofa for Your Cat and You

You have heard of furniture for pets, but what about furniture that can be shared for both pet and the owner? Cat Tunnel Sofa is one of functional furniture that specially created for pet’s lovers. The design of this unique sofa designed by Seungji Munand inspired from the cherished bond between the cat and its […]

Comfy Sofa in Puffy Modifiable Flower Shape

  Futurahas introduced a chic sofa in unusual design called Free. This piece of furniture takes flower shapes with five puffy petals in which you can sit. Just like the name implied, Free has modifiable feature as the swivel base allows the sofa to be adjusted, either you like it blossoming or otherwise. Either way […]

Sofa in Piano-Like shape

Chopin is one of the greatest pianists in the world. Now his name is taken as a name of a unique sofa design. The designer of Chopin sofa, Tomek Rygalik, seems to be greatly inspired by Chopin that he designed a sofa in piano-like shape. Its asymmetric shape offers contemporary and classic look all at […]