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This is the result of collaboration between Cadorin and Gobo Salotti, a beautiful and natural sofa that perfect for your living room. The base is made of raw oak wood, uniquely shaped by nature and time.

These are sofa and armchair designed by Alberto Brogliato from plus. It formed like a wiffle ball – a plastic ball with holes on it. Inside these furniture, there is a light to create the glowing light effect. Luminous armchair and sofa deriving from the Airball family. The openings on the surface of the opaque […]

DIZAJNO have designed this simple cubical sofa that will be great for your interior, especially for a modern interior. More information from DIZAJNO: DIZAJNO brings a new collection in clear simple lines with many possibilities of combinations. Simplicity, but far from boring. The arrangement of proportionally balanced rectangular elements affords a range of seating positions. […]

This is a simple but beautiful swing-sofa designed by Mikhail Belyaev. With its sleek shape in white color, it will be great for your interior. You can light it up too when to create an amazing effect in the dark room. The Ladia swing-sofa was designed for Karat and Samsung Staron specially for St.Petersburg Design […]

This is a unique sofa by Camille Paillard for de Sede. This sofa brings a unique armrest feature where you can put or hide your stuffs in it. You can easily take your magazine and read it. During the workshop with the Swiss brand de Sede, I was able to work with and observe the […]

DIZAJNO have designed a new unique sofa that inspired by flower. More description for Flora: DIZAJNO brings once again a striking idea in this unique furniture piece. Flower as a symbol of growth, peace, love and goodness. The softness of embracing petals with harmony´╗┐ of natural organic shapes create an extravagant object, place for dreaming, […]

Unique and Modern Sofa in Keyboard Shape

This is a unique sofa designed by ZO_loft. It based on the idea that sooner or later, at home or at work, we all end up by falling asleep on our computer’s keyboard. This sofa mimics a keyboard shape that makes it looks interesting in your room. Qwerty is not only a sofa bed, every […]

Sofa Design That Can be Used as A Real Boat

This is a unique sofa design by Bongyoel Yang. It has a simple boat shape with simple color. You can use it like an ordinary sofa, and when flood comes you can use it as a real boat. Just take off the upper of the sofa, hope in and use the pair of oars under […]

Sofa with Transformation Ability for Your Comfort

This is a comfortable sofa designed by Werner Baumhakl from Intertime. It looks like an ordinary sofa, but when you need it you can transform it into a comfortable lounge by folding the armrest. You can also put the removable headrest that will gives you a comfortable position while watching TV. This sofa comes in […]

Modular Sofa, Coffee Table and Footrest in One Furniture

Sometimes we need a modular furniture that doesn’t take up so much space but can be extended to offers more functions. That need can be achieved by Slot Sofa, a modular sofa by Matt Pauk that contains not only sofa itself but also a coffee table and footrests. It has a gap between its cushions […]