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Designed by Alvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera, this sofa is a combination of sofa, bed and “cabin”. It comes with heavy quilted drop down flaps, make it looks like a “tent” or “fortress” in our imagination when we were a kid. You can put both the flaps up, down or half and half. With this […]

MOODY is a multifunction sofa designed by UNAMO. You can use it just like ordinary sofa when you need to relax and enjoying your TV shows. But when you want to eat or just hang out with your family or friends, you can transform this sofa into a dining table. This way you can save […]

Do you have a small room but need extra seats when some one come over? If you have this sofa, that problem will be over. Designed by Fabrizio Simonetti from Formabilio, this sofa provides two extra seats that can be pulled out. Don’t need this extra seat? Just put it back and it will become […]

This is a unique seating system designed by Ron Arad from Moroso. It comes in many modules in unusual and sculptural design. You can use is as a single seating or combine it in many ways as you like. More description by Moroso: Misfits is a modular seating system with many modules, all different, whose […]

This is a sofa made of unusual material with unusual form. It designed by Matthew Strong based on a series of armchair prototypes at the Henry Ford Museum. The design combines between modern material and traditional method, resulting in a light, strong and unique sofa. More description by Matthew Strong: The Carbon Fiber Eames Sofa […]

This is a simple system by Biwei Pan, a system that allows you to transform your ordinary latex mattress into a sofa or a dormette. For now it looks a little ugly, but with a right finishing it will be looks great.

At fist look, this sofa looks unusual and funny. A sofa with weird park bench painting? What a weird stuff! But there is another story behind the painting. It use Guflac® Plus paint to seal the painting to keeps it bright and emits a delicate aroma, helps you to relax while sitting on this sofa. […]

This is a unqiue sofa designed by Pierre Gimbergues for Peugeot Design Lab, made of carbon fiber and Volvic lava. Natural and modern material combined into one, what a beautiful combination. More description by Peugeot Design Lab: The ONYX sofa is a 3-metre long seat made of carbon fibre and Volvic volcanic lava stone. It […]

This is a classic and elegant sofa designed by Note Design Studio for Fogia. It has integrated side table where you can put your favorite things. More description by Note Design Studio: Rise is a classic, elegant sofa with a strong individual expression. It carries the Scandinavian identity through its distinct base in wood, where […]

Designed by Sule Koc Design, this sofa comes in minimalist design with basic framework as the main construction. You can place some pillows for comfort while your pets can sleep inside it. More description by Sule Koc Design: Sofist comes in a form which is actually its basic framework. Stripped out of the unnecessities, the […]