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This is a unique sofa designed by Arkimera. It has two sides where you can sit and use it as a normal sofa and a bench. This layout allows you to save more space in a small room. Arkimera says that “Isolagiorno is a table + sofa, an island at the center of the living […]

This is a unique and modular sofa designed by Tijs Gilde. It comes with several modules that allows you to create your own sofa. These pieces are like a giant children’s blocks for adults. You can stack it, place it side by side, or anything else you want. More description by Tijs Gilde: Array, a […]

This is a unique sofa designed by Fredrikson Stallard for his Momentum Collection. It was made from Polyurethane, Glass fibre, and Polyester. The result is this red sofa that looks like a real rock. If it came with gray color, I think it will look more realistic. More description by Fredrikson Stallard: ‘Momentum’ comprises one […]

Maybe you have seen the cool Lamborghini Desk by Design Epicentrum. And now they have created an even cool furniture called Lamborghini Sofa. This sofa has the shape that looks like the front of real Lamborghini car. Even if you don’t have Lamborghini, this sofa will looks cool in your room. And you can combine […]

This is a unique and colorful collection by Ellinor Ericsson. Maybe you can see it immediately what makes this collection is unique. This collection, consists of chair and sofa, has backrest with colorful cross-stitch as the decoration. It was designed to challenge the question “Why does Nordic furniture design lack ornaments?”. The result is these […]

Designed by Gianfranco Frattini in 1970, this chunky-looking chair was reissued by Tacchini in 2015. It has steel tubular bars that hold its shape and give accent to the chair. You can choose from fabric or leather in a variety of colors with chrome or painted tubular steel. This sofa looks really good and comfortable, […]

Designed by Charlotte Kingsworth, this unique sofa and ottoman looks like they have been slashed open using knife. The slashed shape of the sofa give a comfortable seating to the users while the slashed gap of the ottoman give a space to put magazines, CDs, or remote in it. More description by Charlotte Kingsworth: A […]

Designed by Mario Milana, this unique sofa features a backrest that can be converted into armrests. The backrest composed of armrest modules that can be rotated vertically at any point you want. The main structure was made from laser dash cut 10mm cooper and treated bent iron sheet. These material gives a weird but interesting […]

This is a modern and futuristic sofa designed by Ventsi Ivanov. It was inspired by the shape of trapeze that makes it looks modern with its clean lines shape. You can put some magazines or some blankets in the drawer for easy reach.

This is a unique sofa designed by Davide Anzalone for Formabilio. Insofar consists of seat with back and side cushions that act as backrest and arms when it is stored. But if you want some extra cushions while sitting or sleeping on it, just take one and use it. Convenient isn’t it? More description: Re […]