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Designed by Mauro Del Santo, this bookshelf has a clever system that allows you to put any size of book in it. So you don’t need to worry that your extra big book won’t fit into this shelf. You can also use the sliding shelves as bookends or dividers, just adjust the sliding shelves to […]

Designed by Bina Baitel, this unique storage has shelf that will follow the shape of the content inside it. It got the inspiration from an amazing book by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry called Little Prince, which has an illustration of boa that looks like a hat after swallowing an elephant. The user can put their items […]

This is a super minimalist chair designed by Sergei Kotsepup. This chair consist of two metal frames and a wooden plank. The metal frames function as the base and the arms and backrest while the plank functions as a seat. You can adjust the plank seat and move it sideways so it will leave extra […]

Designed by Ji Eun Kang, this coffee table has a minimalist and fluid design that is inspired by a fluid movement of fabric blown by subtle Californian breeze. The form itself represent the fabric that blown away and landed on a sand dune at the beach, a beautiful moment when you imagine it. Designed for […]

This is a super cute stool will make your room looks cute too. It will be perfect for your kid’s bedroom, but it will also be great for any room if you want. It was designed by Paolo del Toro who use a halved log of maple and turned it into a form of white […]

Designed by Nendo for Alias, this minimalist chair was made of four aluminum “twigs” and a seat. The twigs have upper parts that can be customized. And for the seat, you can choose the material included wood, plastic, and fabric. With the minimalist design, this chair will be great for your contemporary house. More description […]

Maybe you have seen the cool Lamborghini Desk by Design Epicentrum. And now they have created an even cool furniture called Lamborghini Sofa. This sofa has the shape that looks like the front of real Lamborghini car. Even if you don’t have Lamborghini, this sofa will looks cool in your room. And you can combine […]

This is a clever floor lamp design that allows you to adjust the light in unusual way, by pulling down and up the cone rim. It was designed by Bina Baitel and made of silicone and interwoven optical fibers. The silicone gives the lamp a flexible cone shape while the optical fibers emit light from […]

Took the inspiration from battlements of old castles, Stone Designs designed this contemporary lamp. It is made from plywood and has different sizes. You can install one lamp in one room or combine several sizes to create one wonderful combination. This way you can create a big or small lamp according to your room’s size. […]

Designed by Bina Baitel, these minimalist bedside tables connected by colorful tapestry that makes them look like vomiting colorful paints or paints spilled from inside the tables. The unique combination creates contemporary, unique and beautiful design. This design allows you to use it as a functional furniture, comfortable space, or a decoration in your room. […]