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This is a modular working space designed by Dymitr Malcew. It was designed by a treehouse that gives shelter to the one who use it, whether they are alone or not. It can be joined together or positioned separately depending on the need and task. So if you want to work by yourself, just push […]

Designed by Crystal Danny for Auca, this touch lamp is the modern version of that classic touch lamp that you’d play with as a kid. To turn it on, just touch the metal strip. And to adjust the light, hold the metal strip for over three seconds. It is not only a lamp, but also […]

Usually a designer want their products to be perfect, but it is different for Ryan Choi. He want to show that something imperfect can be beautiful too. The unique wrinkled form comes from the wrinkled aluminum foil used for casting. The resin is cast around an aluminum framework that makes it sturdy. This will be […]

Designed by Tom Davies, this unique lamp is inspired by Lavvu Tent, a traditional tent which used by the Sami People of Northern Scandinavian. It comes with two different light bulbs that can be independently switched on and off. A Plumen light bulb is used on top of this lamp, makes it looks more unique […]

Designed by Lee Yongwoo, this coffee table allows you to store your fruit, wine, and other beverage in perfect cooling temperature. This way, you don’t need to get them from the kitchen or wine cellar. The shape itself was inspired by a grand piano, a huge classical piano that often used in orchestra. Just open […]

This chair was designed by Andrés Lhima in collaboration with Fernando Landaverde and Zian Fanti. Abrazo, means “hug” in Spanish, comes with a footrest that “hug” the chair when it is not used. This can be achieved by the neodymium magnets it their legs, allowing them to fit each other in a neat way. This […]

Donald Lipski comes with beautiful chandeliers that have a shape of dead old trees. The tree grows out from the ceiling with its magnificent branches and beautiful glowing “leaves.” It makes the room looks elegant, luxury as well as romantic. Imagine you have a dinner with your significant other under one of these amazing chandeliers. […]

Designed by Jeremy Zietz, Collector Cabinet was designed for, of course, your collection. The shape looks like the bottom of a canoe, with rotating door to reveal the beautiful part inside. The carved inner wall will make your collection looks more amazing. Unfortunately you can only put small things inside it. But still, it is […]

Designed by Elena Sidorova, this chair has an unusual design that allows it to transform into a bed. Yeah, maybe not a bed, but at least a sleeping place. To use it as a sleeping place, just unfold the chair and take out the mattress and pillow. The elastic straps used as the base to […]

Designed to make the owners feel relax, Géraldine Biard created this furniture collection with integrated aromatherapy and light therapy. The top section is made from Corian® with little mountains sculpted onto it while. Behind it, the light diffuses a graphic scenery that makes it looks beautiful. The aromatherapy helps you to relax trough your smell […]