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Something simple is not always bad. On the contrary, it can be great. Take this L Shelf for example. Designed by Aurélien Veyrat from Objet Optimisé, this shelf is composed by only L-shaped bentwoods. You don’t need glue or screws, just slot it into the other L Shelf. With this modular shelf, you can make […]

This is a unique table lamp designed by Thomas Hick. Folding Lamp comes in flat pack in form of 0.6mm pre-scored stainless steel sheet. The order and angle of each fold is up to you. So you will end up with your own unique lamp. It also comes in 6 different colors. And if you […]

Peter Ng from Koncept Inc. have designed this minimalist LED table lamp. Mr. n, as its name would suggest, has a simple shape of “n” letter. The LEDs, located on the outer side, emit a soft, warm, omni-directional light. The small strip on the bottom exterior of the lamp allows you to control this lamp. […]

Looking at this marble dining table and handwoven chair is oddly satisfying for me. The table has notches that fit perfectly with the chairs and making an interesting pattern of diamonds and rectangle. These furniture are designed by Bureau de Change for Efasma along with other furniture like sofa and stool. More description by Efasma: […]

Want to make a furniture with your own design, but it is too hard for you? Worry not because with this PlayWood connectors, you can create your own furniture easily. The connectors are like clamps that will fit boards with a variable thickness from 1,5 cm to 2,0 cm. You can combine three different connectors […]

Swing chair was designed by Iwona Kosicka to be a fun chair to sit on. It reminds us the fun moment when we play on swings at a playground, pushing forward and backward alone or with friends. It is made from wood with natural oil finish that make it looks great in any kind of […]

A glass chair? I think it is OK to sit on it. A glass chair with cactus under it? I will think twice before I sit on it! It is really funny to think that a simple cactus makes us feel uncomfortable. But that is the fun, that is the challenge! It is designed by […]

Designed by Hal Taylor, this rocking chair was designed to give a beautiful memories for you and your children or grandchildren. It comes with 2 extra seats where the kids can sit on it while you are telling them a beautiful story they like. Or maybe when they are tired, you can hold them together […]

This is an awesome lamp by Acorn Studio called Luna Lantern. Maybe you already guess it, this lamp is inspired by the Moon, thus makes it has the form that looks like a real moon. The purpose of this lamp is to create a magical atmosphere around you and bring more delight and content into […]

Designed by Max Lamb for Benchmark, this table is a neat piece for your dining room. It was based on traditional English storage chests, box stools and troughs. It has a hidden storage where you can put your tableware. To access this storage, just lift the planks in the middle of the table with little […]