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This unusual lamp remind me of Rapunzel, a famous fairy tail, with its braided-hair like shade. It designed by ieva kaleja from mammalampa using woven paper, showing traditional material in unusual solution. More description by mammalampa: The Bride’s “dress” is created from paper presenting this traditional lamp material in an unusual solution. As light shines […]

This is a beautiful chair by Richard Hutten for Kvadrat. This chair is made from layers of colorful fabrics and cut using a CNC machine. The result is beautiful chair with colorful layers, lovely isn’t it?

This is a new way to remember those who died, a chair made the bone matter of a deceased person. Designed by Max Kuwert, Yanik Balzer and Willem Rabe, they use a software algorithm to calculate the construction due to the different amount of bone material each person have. The result is this simple and […]

This simple lamp by Fabbian Illuminazione is large but light. It consists of 32 thin steel rings where you can put the lightsource in any rings you want. More description by Fabbian Illuminazione: The purpose of lamps installed in vast spaces is to define the space around them. The aim of the designers was to […]

This is a unique lamp designed by Nieuwe Heren for New Duivendrecht. It made of wood, steel and concrete and inspired by WWI searchlights. More description by New Duivendrecht: The design of the barrel lamp was inspired by the aesthetics of WWI searchlights. Now more friendly but still a strong and sturdy shape that provides […]

This is a really cute lamp designed by EglÄ— StonkutÄ—. It shaped like a dog, a man’s best friend! The red cord act like a leash to make it “stay”. You can tilt it to make it looks like begging you for a treat. I bet you want it!

This is a unqiue sofa designed by Pierre Gimbergues for Peugeot Design Lab, made of carbon fiber and Volvic lava. Natural and modern material combined into one, what a beautiful combination. More description by Peugeot Design Lab: The ONYX sofa is a 3-metre long seat made of carbon fibre and Volvic volcanic lava stone. It […]

Qbico is great for your outdoor, it is simple, easy to use, and save some space when not in use. This furniture is designed by Marcello Cannarsa It consists of two module wedged between them to reconstruct the entire cube. More description by Marcello Cannarsa: Qbico is a decorative element that allows you to have […]

Lumio is a unique lamp designed by Max Gunawan, showing a unique way to bring light into your life. It looks like ordinary binding books, but when you open it, the soft light comes out. More description from Lumio: Portable. Rechargeable. Powerful. Lumio unfolds, seemingly by magic, from a book. Simply open the cover to […]

This is unique armchair designed by Massimo Farina, inspired by an old icon of Venice, Gondola. It has a unique sharpie shape that reminds me of the medieval time, just like the name. I just hope no one is hurt by the sharp backrest. More Description by Massimo Farina: The New Medieval armchair represents the […]