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This is a lamp designed by Max Ashford, a unique lamp made of reclaimed white oak wood and up-cycled wine bottle. The white oak wood is bent to create the base, while the wine bottle is cut and frosted to create the shade. More description by Max Ashford: Quercus is designed to be a sustainable […]

This is a unique seating by Gufram, a seating that looks like an oversized patch of grass. Made of polyurethane foam in unusual design, this seating was created to challenge traditional design values. More description by Gufram: Pratone represents an irreverent design idea; light years away from the usual types of middle-class interior design of […]

This is a chair by Jaewook Kim, a chair where father and his kid can rest and play in one place. The back of this chair has climbing rope where the kid can climb it up and sit on the top of it on the shoulder of his father. More description by Jaewook Kim: When […]

Designed by David Graas this lamp’s box is not a real box but a part of the lamp itself. All the parts are packaged in this box, including bulb, plug, cable, manual, etc. To install it, you need to cut top and bottom of the box. The lamp shape cut on the side of the […]

This is a simple but smart design by Fabrica, a lamp that will show you a real-time sky out there. It connected to the Internet and get the weather information from the current Facebook location. You can see the video here. More description by Fabrica: A set of three Internet connected ambient lamps, enabling to […]

This is a cute and unique bed for your children or maybe for you who love Pokemon. Designed by Catherine Kim, this handmade bed has a form of Snorlax, a Pokemon that loves to sleep. If you want, you can buy it at Etsy here.

This is a simple but interesting stool designed by Matt Pugh. It has a owl face form in a simple way, makes it looks interesting and funny. It made of Walnut or Oak with 12 colors to choose, you can match it with your interior theme. More description by Matt Pugh: Owl is the signature […]

This is a collection of seatings by Marie Khouri. These seating act not only as an ordinary seating but also as a sculpture. Its shape based on Arabic script and formed to create a comfortable seating to use. More description: Born in Egypt and raised in Lebanon, Vancouver-based sculptor Marie Khouri has developed vast range […]

This is a table by Daniel Lewis Garcia with shape inspired by bear. Bear Table is made of maple plywood using the process that makes efficient use of plywood. MOre description by Daniel Lewis Garcia: This table takes a more playful approach with the profile using an animal silhouette as a template for the table. […]

This is a simple wooden chair designed by Bicolter. It looks unusual with the upside down L-shaped thingy that acts as backrest and armrests and allows you to sit however you like. “Seat that invites you to give your own interpretation of sit action. This design creates a link with who uses it, and offers […]