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This is an amazing lamp designed by Richard Clarkson. Cloud is a lamp that looks like a thundercloud. It could detect user’s presence and act like a real thundercloud with lightning effect based on user’s movement. You can see the video here. More description by Richard Clarkson: The Cloud is an interactive lamp and speaker […]

This is a simple system by Biwei Pan, a system that allows you to transform your ordinary latex mattress into a sofa or a dormette. For now it looks a little ugly, but with a right finishing it will be looks great.

This is an unusual chair designed by Therese Granlund. It made of polyurethane foam, a low class material that usually hidden in furniture. It has a form of melting foam, a playful and interesting form that catch the attention of people who see it. More information by Therese Granlund: Design can be seen as the […]

This is an unusual lamp designed by Aminimal Studio called Field Test Lamp. It designed based on magnetic field lines of Earth and Sun. The result is this unusual lamp with shade made of multiple lanes in certain pattern. It will be great for your interior, although it seems quite difficult to clean it. More […]

Designed by Mohanad Belal, stool is inspired by colored paper clip. The base looks like a paper clip with its pastel color finishing. But I think it will looks more interesting if he create the base based on original paper clip shape. More description by Mohanad Belal: The design was inspired from a coloured paper […]

With your smartphone, you can control this table’s light and color as you like. Cupiditas is designed by Amarist, made of Alabaster Stone with backlit from the inside. You can light it on and change the color that suit your mood. You can see the video here. More description by Amarist: The best handcrafts and […]

This is a unique shelf design by Van Tjalle en Jasper, a shelf in a shape of heartbeat line from the machine that monitor heartbeat. The heartbeat line is chose because of its iconic sign that could represent life. With its unusual design, it sure will make your interior looks great and interesting. More description […]

Designed by Duffy London, this table has a beautiful design like an abyss in the sea. It made of layers of wood as the seafloor, while the blue sea water made of glass. From afar, it really looks like a real ocean. More description by Duffy London: “AND WHEN YOU GAZE LONG INTO AN ABYSS, […]

Designed by Robin David Skala and Johann Szebeni from Who Cares?! Design, this table is made of concrete as the table-top and wood as the legs. It has many storage to safe all things you need to enjoy your dinner. One leg functions as wine and other liquors storage for special occasions. The other leg […]

This is a beautiful table designed by Greg Kalssen. The top is made of live edge elm slabs with hand-cut blue glass that makes it looks like a beautiful river. Something that bother me is the use of simple black steel legs. I think it will looks more natural and beautiful in wood.