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This is a unique lamp designed by Julie Lansom. It made entirely by hand using wood and cotton thread as the material. Come in various sizes and colors, you can choose the perfect one for your room. And if can’t the one you like, just replace the thread using your own color combination.

Designed by Elena Sidorova, this armchair can be used as two purpose. You can use it as ordinary armchair and you can unfold it to provide a sleeping place. Just make sure your floor is clean first. More description by Elena Sidorova: Flop is an armchair which folds out to a sleeping place for 1 […]

This is a unique table designed by Hyunjin Jenny Kim. Even though it has simple construction, the idea to create an illusion is wonderful. It consists of two parts to be positioned on the corner of the wall. The result is this unique table that looks like stuck in the middle of the wall. More […]

Designed by Javi Olmeda, this coffee table has a design based on natural pattern which found in the mineral, vegetal, and animal realms. The result is this coffee table with organic and unique design. More description by Javi Olmeda: Mesa M3 emerges as the result of a study of complex patterns and formations that give […]

This is a unique chair designed by Maximo Riera, a chair in hippopotamus form. It looks like a real hippopotamus but with black skin all over it. It sure will be an interesting piece for your room. More description by Maximo Riera: TAMING OF THE FURY The Hippopotamus is a semiaquatic herbivore mammal, peculiar for […]

Simple and unusual. Designed by Nicoletta Rossi and Guido Bianchi for FLOS, this lamp designed by using the main parts of traditional lantern, the frame. It has simple and minimalist shape of box frame with hidden LED as the light source. More description by FLOS: By taking away no longer needed elements from the traditional […]

This is a sofa made of unusual material with unusual form. It designed by Matthew Strong based on a series of armchair prototypes at the Henry Ford Museum. The design combines between modern material and traditional method, resulting in a light, strong and unique sofa. More description by Matthew Strong: The Carbon Fiber Eames Sofa […]

This is an unusual shelf designed by Sebastian Errazuris, a hand-carved shelf that following organic designs of crawling ivy. It’s like a real growing plant that trying to reach something, surely an interesting shelf for your interior. More description by Sebastian Errazuris: Metamorphosis is hand-carved, following organic designs of crawling ivy. Much like the Bilbao […]

This is an unusual and smart shelving system by Sebastian Errazuriz. This shelf consist of wooden wall with parts that can be lowered as you need. The lowered parts will create a space while the other will act as a frame. More description by Sebastian Errazuriz: The Piano Shelf offers a flexible wooden wall that […]

Designed by Tal Friedman, this modern bench is made of single sheet of flat aluminum that cut, folded and fixed into its final shape. The curved folds creates a bridge-like structure that makes it strong to hold its load. More description by Tal Friedman: This project is a bench made entirely from on e sheet […]