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This is a great stool for this world that needs something eco-friendly for the daily life. It was designed by KaCaMa Design Lab using recycled materials. The seat use cable insulation that is woven into a fan-cover while the legs come from stripped down wooden crates. The result is great. You wouldn’t notice that it […]

This is a unique and interesting lamp designed by Enrico Franzolini for Pallucco. The lamp is made by blowing glass in a wire cage. The result is amazing and interesting. The wire cage holds the glass and acts as the main structure while the glass itself gives a unique form with its bulging parts. See […]

Designed by Filip Janssens, this bookshelf has unusual extra spaces. The interesting thing is you can put your favorite book or the book you are reading in these space. So, no more searching your book when you want to read it. Weird and simple but extremely functional.

This is a minimalist coffee table by Henry Swanzy, a coffee table that is easy to assemble and disassemble. It contains only glass top, wooden legs and bungee cord. The structure of the glass top and the wooden legs gives stability to the table while the cord is used to hold the legs in position […]

Even though it looks like a cloning from sci-fi movies, this lamp actually was inspired by the weak electrical current that occur from an ovum at the very moment of the fertilization. It was designed by Satoshi Itasaka from h220430 and comes in several sizes to choose. This lamp will sure make your room looks […]

Designed to improve the urban space in Vallero Square in the heart of Jerusalem in Israel, these giant flowers by HQ Architects offer an interesting experience for the pedestrians. These 30 feet tall flowers have movement sensor that allows them to bloom by inflating themselves when pedestrians walk by. If there is no one there, […]

This is an interesting bench designed by Sitskie Furniture. Even though it is made from wood, this bench offers a flexible seat that will follow the shape of your body. It is a beautiful combination between hard wood and soft foam that offers a comfortable seat for you.

This modern-looking coffee table will looks good in your house. ONDULAÇÃO was made by Richard Nascimento and Kati Takahashi of Estudio RIKA. It was inspired by the movement of water, especially the movement that is made by obstacle in the water. The result is the unique pattern on top of the table that looks like […]

This is a cute lamp with a cute name, Giffy. Inspired by giraffe, Leanter designed this cute and beautiful lamp which will accompany you when you are working or reading something on your desk. The body is made of 18 mm thick birch plywood while the shade is made of 1.5mm thick aluminum. There are […]

This bed is a smart solution for a small room or for you who want to hide an unnecessary closet in your room. It was designed by Dielle with a form like a normal bed with a raised base. You can place stairs on both side of the bed, give you easy access on to […]