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This is a unique chair designed by Studio Mikabarr and Producks, a chair with 3D geometric pattern on its seat. Maybe it looks uncomfortable , but actually this chair is comfortable to use because the seating is made of fabric. More description by Studio Mikabarr: This innovative lounge chair uses one spread of 3D upholstery […]

Designed by Margje Teeuwen and Erwin Zwiers, this unique lamp allows you to be the “real designer”. It has the shape of a crumbled piece of paper which you can reshape it as you want. You can see the video here. More description by designers: Since the beginning of her design career, Margje Teeuwen has […]

Designed by KimxGensapa, this chair using “persiana window” structure to create the illusion of faced mirrors. It looks like there are invisible mirrors on it and the result is this amazing illusion. Moreover, you can use this “illusion” to put your books, magazines or newspaper. Isn’t this great?

This is a unique seating system designed by Ron Arad from Moroso. It comes in many modules in unusual and sculptural design. You can use is as a single seating or combine it in many ways as you like. More description by Moroso: Misfits is a modular seating system with many modules, all different, whose […]

This is a unique and modern lamp by Fyodor Lazariev. It needs no screw or glue to keep it standing even tough the base has a shape of cylinder. You can adjust the lamp angle and keep it standing by moving the roll of masses. More description by Fyodor Lazariev: Balance desk Lamp Triad Principle […]

Even tough it looks simple, this stool has a smart design which needs a little space to store it. Slim was designed by Olivier Roels and able to collapsed or opened as you need. The legs are held together by hidden hinge while the seating can stay on the place using Neodymium magnets. More description […]

Designed by Kora Monigle, this stool is inspired by pillow. But instead using its most essential character, the softness, she taking it out to creat a new combination of hard and soft. When sat on, the seat will slightly compressed. More description by Kora Monigle: This stool was inspired by pillows and the contrast between […]

Designed by Rodrigo Capati, this beautiful lighting system integrated with air fresheners and purification which will provides clean air for your room. You can make it blooming like a real beautiful lotus which not only functioned as ordinary lamp and air purification but also a beautiful decoration for you room. More description by Rodrigo Capati: […]

This is a unique and unusual rug designed by Alessandro Isola. This rug is integrated to coffee table, creating two functional piece in one item. One side using soft and warm rug material while the other side using polished reflective surface which curved at one corner to create a modern looking coffee table. More description […]

This is a shelving system that perfect for you, especially if you have small space. Designed by Malte Grieb this shelving system provides you modular space to store your things as you like. If you have nothing to place, just fold it to the wall. It even have a wall desk that can be hid […]