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This is an unusual bench designed by Jarron Lisle. This bench has unusual design of parts that parting away from the main seating, makes it looks like affected by errosion. This is an interesting piece for your outdoor space.

Inspired by the posture in horseback riding and textile constructions from architecture, Christian Sjöström designed this simple-looking chair that provides various sitting position for the users. Because of this flexibility, users can sit on it for a long time. More description by Christian Sjöström: An everyday use chair focusing on movement and variation for the […]

Designed by Lubo Majer from Dizajno, this beautiful table is inspired by the natural form of a leaf. It has a slope surface with no straight edge, mimicking the natural shape of a leaf. The use of plywood makes it lightweight and saving source while maintaining the natural looks. More description by Lubo Majer: A […]

Using a principle that “the simplest thing works the best,” Goncalo Lozano created this lamp from a pure block of cork instead of carving the block into shape. The result is this Cork Lamp. Even though it looks simple, this lamp is great and interesting to be used in your room. More description by Goncalo […]

Looking for modular shelving system? Dots is the answer. Designed by ARIS Architects for Polarislife, it consist of wall and boxes that allows you to arrange your own shelves. The wall has small wooden cylinders in a grid-type pattern that will keep the boxes from falling. And if you don’t want to use this shelving […]

Designed by Olga Kalugina, this lamp showing that a simple shape design can be elegant too. The curving body allows this lamp to provides comfortable light to be used when you working on the desk. I am sure that you who love Apple product will love this elegant lamp.

These furniture is made of unusual material of basaltic cooled lava from Mount Etna. It designed by Formafantasma to utilize this natural material which not used by the locals. The result is this modern and unusual furniture that made of natural material. More description by Formafantasma: “Mount Etna is a mine without miners – it […]

These are furniture series designed by Avi Fedida, furniture that use sand paper as its main theme material. Sand paper used on this furniture functions not only as a tool but also as part of the furniture itself. The colors are created by grinding a rich variety of wood on the paper. You can see […]

Designed by Oscar Pipson, this minimalist wooden chair is inspired by animal in Cervidae family (deer). This chair follows some of the Cervidae’s characteristic such as the geometries and joins of its antlers and its strong, tall, aggressive stance. The result is this minimalist and organic chair that looks simple but elegant. More description by […]

Leonardo Rossano from True Design and Debora Mansur have designed this modern bench. Just like its name, this bench is inspired by the dynamic forms of biogenetics, especially helix form of DNA. It looks light, modern and beautiful, great for your contemporary interior. More description by True Design: Inspired by the dynamic forms of biogenetics, […]