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Designed by Giuseppe Gioia for Formabilio, this minimalist table will be great for your modern or contemporary interior. The table top is made of MDF while the legs is made of steel, two contrast materials that joined in an elegant way. This table comes in different sizes and colors. You can choose the one that […]

Ever wondered how those heavy steel safe boxes work? Want to see its gears mechanism? mr.knox by Stephan Siepermann can be described as a light weight version of real safe box. The box and its mechanism are made from wood, designed to mimic the real steel safe box mechanism and reveal it to you. Not […]

This is a unique, cute and playful side table that was designed by Nab Design. Just like the name says, it was inspired by gross amphibian in a cute cartoon concept, frog. It has green steel exterior that construct the body, eyes and legs, while the wooden box represent a big mouth opening. This table […]

This is a minimalist and natural lamp designed by four student from Politecnico di Milano: Alessandro Grasso, Alexandra Lunardi, Sara Flamigni and Emanuele Colzani. They designed this lamp as a partner with Nikari to create a wooden product for a project called “5 Studies for Nature.” It made from bent ash wood veneer that is […]

Gobi is a cute table that is designed by Juan Toabres. It looks like a cute robot that will stand beside you all the time like an imaginary friends in our childhood memory. Gobi is made from beech wood. This table is lightweight but strong, thanks to the curved wood design. More description by Juan […]

Designed by Alvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera, this sofa is a combination of sofa, bed and “cabin”. It comes with heavy quilted drop down flaps, make it looks like a “tent” or “fortress” in our imagination when we were a kid. You can put both the flaps up, down or half and half. With this […]

Inflatable chair is an ordinary thing, most of us know someone who have it. But this ordinary inflatable chair has low seat position that makes it really hard to get up. Tehila Guy created this inflatable, but with extra wooden legs so it will be more comfortable. The idea is to create a flat pack […]

Designed by Jacob Mazor, this lamp is a cheap solution for you who want a chandelier in your room. Actually, that is main the reason and idea why Mazor designed this Flat Chandelier. Just like the name says, this lamp comes with flat lampshade that is made of acrylic. This lampshade has wireframe pattern that […]

This is a unique and amazing table designed by McNabb & Co. Studio. This table is made from Assorted wood species, each piece is shaped like a building miniature. These miniature is joined together in upside down position, creating a miniature of city under the table. It sure will be an interesting thing in your […]

It looks really simple and minimalist, a perfect piece for you who love a simple and clean interior. IN-QUARTO is designed by Pawel Grobelny, consists of half aluminum tube base and several round table top to choose such as American Walnut and different types of marble. If you want, maybe you can create your own […]