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This is a classic oil lamp but in modern design. Designed by Castor Design in partnership with Harnisch Lamps, they create a simpler new model of oil lamp by stripping all unnecessary things from the classic design. More description by Castor Design: This product is in partnership with Harnisch Lamps established in 1842. Collaborating with […]

This is a unique and natural table designed by Benjamin Graindorge. This table has roots as parts of the table, makes it looks more natural. It looks like someone just pulled it off from the earth. More description by Benjamin Graindorge: Wood is a living material, industrial tools available to me as a designer was […]

Designed by Giancarlo Zema for Luxyde, this furniture collection will brighten your life. Maybe not your life, but it sure will brighten your room and make it looks interesting. This collection consists of tables, seats and lamps with several resin rings that create strips pattern. This pattern will glow at sunset and making a magical […]

This is a minimalist but beautiful shelves that was designed by Livia Chisari for Formabilio. You can install it on your walls and arrange it to looks like leaves blown by gust of wind, it is beautiful. I just hope they comes with brown and red colors so with the yellow color it will looks […]

Designed by Michael and George, this lamp will be an interesting piece in your room. HB Lamp is an unusual lamp that mimic the shape of pencil, only much bigger. The light comes from the “eraser” part and you can draw a “line” by using the cable that comes out from the tip. HB Lamp […]

I remember playing with balancing bird toy which you place its beak on your finger and it will stay balanced. And this Origami Bird Lamp by Umut Yamac kinda reminded me to that interesting toy. This lamp is made of folded paper and brass with no cables needed to illuminate it. Just put it on […]

This is coffee table designed by Sergey Levantin that has a unique round shape that is inspired by an old bygone architectural forms. The table itself is made of a thin rod that is shaped to create the frame structure. It is lightweight and comes in several colors to choose. More description by Sergey Levantin: […]

This chair looks simple but there is something in it that makes it looks eye catching. I think the bulky design with large armrest that makes it looks live. It’s looks like arms that will reach you and hug you, provides a cozy and comfortable space to sit. This chair is designed by Gestranius & […]

Inspiration can come from everywhere, even from unexpected things. Like this Well light by MEJD, a unique light inspired by traditional water well. It has those wooden handle mechanism that allows you to wind the wire “rope” and the bulb “bucket”. By winding these things you can change the light level and color. More description […]

Inspired by smooth white pebbles on the beach, Calabaz designed these minimalist but beautiful lights that great for indoor and outdoor. These lights are wireless, rechargeable and comes with remote control. This remote allows you to light it on or off and change its color even when it is not within your reach. The best […]