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This is a beautiful lamp that will decorate your room both on daytime and night time. It was designed by Pranaya Design using laser cut method. The result is this beautiful lamp that acts as sculpture at daylight and creates beautiful shadow at night. You can

This minimalist sideboard was designed by Emmanuel Gonzalez Guzman. It was inspired by boxing ring, thus it has elastic cords as the front cover instead of a traditional door. You can store or take things by stretching the cord. More description by Emmanuel Gonzalez Guzman: A little alluding to the ropes of a boxing ring […]

This is a unique lamp designed by Simon Frambach. The interesting thing about this lamp is that you can bring it to bed and sleep on it. With the light inside it, you can feel a warm sensation while you sleep. More description by Simon Frambach: Soft Light is a soft and flexible lamp made […]

This is a really cool stool designed by Mary Graham. This stool will collapse when someone sit on it and then bounce back up when the person moves away. But don’t worry, you can sit on it if you approach the stool cautiously. You can use this stool to prank your friends.

This is a unique pendant light designed by YOY. It has an extra feature that makes it looks like as if it were swinging. Looking at this pendant light feels like the time is stopped. More description by YOY: A pendant light that looks as if it were swinging. From another point of view, you […]

This is a modern sink designed by Victor Vasilev. The sink body was made from glass, thus it has an interesting invisible body, while the support was made of marble that makes it looks beautiful and elegant. This is a perfect sink for your modern bathroom.

This is a minimalist and modern stool designed by Lefteris Tsampikakis. It was inspired by the structure formed by the atoms that shows electrons orbiting around the nucleus. The result is interesting. With the beech wood seat and legs and also the powder-coated steel frame, this stool is perfect for modern and classical interior. More […]

This is a modern bathtub designed by EOOS for Duravit. It was designed for two people to enjoy a bath together. So you can share the bath time with your loved one or maybe with your kids too. More description by EOOS: Originally EOOS developed a corner bathtub for Duravit with a wedge-shaped layout of […]

Lampster is a cool lamp that will accompany you wherever you place it. With the shape of a little robot, it feels like it is there to help you. And the main mission is to give you lights. It comes with RGB LED bulb inside it that allows you to choose the light color you […]

This is a new and interesting way to play billiard. Cléon Daniel designed this billiard table to have a donut shape. Playing it will need a completely different technique and it can be either fun or frustrating. With this billiard table, you can play it with both adults and kids. And when you are not […]