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Armstrong is a unique lamp by Constantin Bolimond and MAXIM ALI, a lamp that trapping the light. It consists of spheres that has many holes where you can close it using the plugs. The idea it to adjust or “turn off” the lamp by using these plugs, but you can also turn it off completely […]

This is a unique and funny-looking lamp was designed by Matthew Borgatti. Little Spaceman Lamp is a astronaut-shaped sculpture made from clay. It based on his feelings about last astronaut in the ISS. As the technology advanced, this last astronaut will be replaced by a robot. A unique feeling in a unique product. Another interesting […]

This is a cool chair designed by Vyacheslav Pahomov, a chair in shape of giant scorpion. This chair was handcrafted out of wood and leather in a cleaver way, forming like a real scorpion complete with the claws, legs and sting. Cool isn’t it?

The Moon is a beautiful lamp that was designed by Nosigner and inspired by supermoon. The amazing part about this lamps is that this lamp has a surface that topographically-accurate to the real moon. It was created based on data retrieved from the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya. If this lamp can float or at […]

Designed by Daria Pavlova, this wooden chair has legs and backrest that will show a simple illusion that makes it looks dissolve in fog. Unfortunately it needs a matching background to do this illusion. But if you don’t have a matching background for this chair, it still looks great with the gradient color from a […]

This is a beautiful lamp by Oblikus. It has two sides where the light come out. You can control this light by using your smartphone or simply turn the dimmer. When you dim this lamp, it will gradually dim the front and back light, resulting a beautiful effect like the phases of the moon. You […]

This cool wall-mounted bar cabinet was designed by Splinter Works. It has panels that fan out to close the cabinet and create an image of spinning coin. When it is not used, it will become an unusual decoration for your room. And when you want some drinks, just open it and choose your favorite beverage. […]

These cute chairs were designed by Andrej Čverha, chairs with seats that can be adjusted like a piano stool. The rotating seat and the base leave a space between it that can be used as an extra storage where you can put your magazines, books, or anythings you need that fit to this space. The […]

This is a modern reinterpretation of the classic bedroom coat rack by Andrea Brugnera for Formabilio. Tusciao valet stand is composed of three pieces that made of beech wood and metal rod. You can put anything that you need quick like jackets, pants, or accessories. It is simple and modern, a great furniture for your […]

Sometimes it feels lonely when we are at home alone. But with this Companion stools, your days will be different. No more lonely days! This stool was designed by Phillip Grass. It looks like a little alien from planet nowhere that will keep you accompany everyday. More description by Phillip Grass: The solid wood seat […]