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If you go to EMKE office building in Budapest, Hungary, you will see this beautiful front desk. This beautiful desk was designed by Tamás Ábel in association with LAB5 Architects. It made from layers of glass panels that stacked together in wavy shape. This wavy shape combined with the green color created a beautiful combination […]

This is a modern and futuristic sofa designed by Ventsi Ivanov. It was inspired by the shape of trapeze that makes it looks modern with its clean lines shape. You can put some magazines or some blankets in the drawer for easy reach.

No no, it is not that you will feel painful when you sitting on it. It just the name that represent how the chair feels painful because of the 800 wood nails that were hammered on it. It was designed by Sean Hongxin Zhang to demonstrate a traditional design and manufacturing techniques. These wooden nails […]

This is a beautiful chair designed by Arunkumar Ng. This chair looks like woman’s legs with the skirt part of her dress, dancing around in a ballroom. The formless shape looks enchanting while the gold trims makes it looks elegant. Overall, it is really a beautiful chair.

This is a lamp designed by Studio MeraldiRubini, a simple and modern lamp that is created using the modern technology of 3D Printing. The perforated shade creating a soft light that will illuminate your room as well as allowing you to see the bulb inside it. Rumbles comes in three different versions to choose. More […]

This is a unique sofa designed by Davide Anzalone for Formabilio. Insofar consists of seat with back and side cushions that act as backrest and arms when it is stored. But if you want some extra cushions while sitting or sleeping on it, just take one and use it. Convenient isn’t it? More description: Re […]

This is a unique lamp designed by Yukiko Morita, a lamp that is made from a real bread. The freshly baked breads like baguette and croissant were covered in resin so it won’t become moldy, and then it stuffed with LED light. The result is this unique lamp that will makes your room, especially your kitchen, […]

This is a modern and comfortable chair by ODESD2. It has high back and sides that offer a private space for someone who sit on it. The cushions are comfortable for long use and the felt material inside absorbs the most sound. Now you can do do your works or whatever you do without much […]

Designed by Max Voytenko for Line Studio, this bookshelf comes with two different modules that can be combined to create your own bookshelf. You can create many combinations from these modules like the total size and the pattern by turning it to different angles. Because Hash is made of painted steel, it will be sturdy […]

Designed by W. Jan Lee, this chair has a minimalist design with letters “L” and “7” from its name as the arms and legs. It was designed as both chair and table for your corner, allows you to use the wasted spaces in your room. For more description by W. Jan Lee: ” L7 ” […]