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This is a minimalist wooden rack designed by Steffen Kehrle for l’abbate Italia. It has zigzag pattern on both side that allows it to be customized as you like. You can change the height of each shelve as you want so it can hold many thing with many variations of height. More description by Steffen […]

Designed by ZAD Italy, this elegant bathtub was inspired by a tiny wooden boat that is used to serve sushi and sashimi in Japanese restaurant. It has a simple, clean and elegant design that will make your bathroom looks wonderful. I just hope that I can sail with it.

This is a unique nightlight that will be perfect for your kids. It has a form of campfire that giving a sensation like sleeping on the outside for your children. Now your kids can sleep beside the campfire inside their own room! It might not be great for roasting marshmallows, but this Campsite Nightlight is […]

Designed by Marc Th. van der Voorn for DeKnudt mirrors, these mirrors feature a minimalist design that allows you to slide the mirror easily into the base. This series comes in three version to choose, Slide Circle, Slide Double, and Slide Standing. More description by Marc Th. van der Voorn: Fascinating new mirror series by […]

This is a unique table designed by Kompaniet. It has a unique surface with hollows that looks like it was scooped out. Maybe you start thinking, how can we use this table with uneven surface? The answer is you can, but with special tableware that comes with this table. Maybe you can’t put your ordinary […]

Designed by Lucas Stoppele and Jean-Charles Kien, these shelves are inspired by the profile of icebergs. These shelves come in various size to choose so you can combine it as you like. More description by Jean-Charles Kien: MSGS is a set of shelves with various sizes and shapes inspired by the profile of icebergs. The […]

Designed by Benjamin Lemarié from La Subtile, this stool was designed to save some space. It designed so it can be slotted together, saving some space or extend it to create various size of benches. You can also choose different colors to create the bench, creating a colorful bench that will cheerful and pretty.

This is a stool designed by Juan Cappa, made from unusual material to create a modern looking furniture. Straw is used as the main material, held by plywood and metal as the structure. The straw creates a natural and traditional design while the colorful structure creates a modern looking design. When the seat is worn […]

There are doubts that it isn’t made from a real Boeing 747’s engine, but even if it is true this conference table is still cool! It was Designed by MotoArt from a General Electric engine nacelle. Do you want to amaze your clients or your employees? Buy this table if you want it! More description […]

Just like our mom, this lamp will angry if we waste the electricity. It was designed by Weng Xinyu as his graduation project to create a series of products that are not so useful but have good intentioned messages inside. This lamp has a hand that will turn itself off if it’s too bright, if […]