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This modern coffee table will be great for your modern and contemporary interior. It was designed by Jaime Andres Quinapallo Salcedo and it comes with unique planter for your herbs. Maybe you can plant mint and use it for your tea. Or you can put another herbs for your delicious salad. The table’s shape was […]

This weird but beautiful looking chair is a 3d printed rocking chair by Alvin Huang from Synthesis Design + Architecture for Stratasys. Just like another 3D printed things, this chair has a unique structure to makes it light yet strong. This structure was inspired by a biological process that also called as Durotaxis. You can […]

Designed by Nendo for Glass Italia, these minimalist shelves will looks great in any room. It has structure that is made of transparent glass while the shelves made of black sheet of glass. These shelves can be slid onto the transparent glass structure and creating the floating effect. This shelving system will fit to any […]

Designed by Lapo Germasi and Victor Pukhov from MID, this modern and unique stool was inspired by the traditional act of splitting firewood. The legs have a shape of split firewood but in modern design. This stool consists of a seat, legs and a plus-shaped wedge to tighten the legs up. This system makes it […]

This is a simple and unique lamp designed by Norm Architects. This lamp was inspired by an old hat block that used to shapes and makes hats. The hat block shaped like an ordinary lamp shades, makes it perfect as a lampshade itself. This is a great usage of classic thing for modern design. More […]

Designed by Brandon Gore, this coffee table has an unusual feature of built-in saucers on the top. You can put your glass of coffee or tea while chatting. Or if you not in the mood for a glass of coffee or tea, you can use this table as a laptop workspace or a bench. More […]

Windy coffee table is a modern table designed by Dmitry Kozinenko. It has geometric edges that looks like being blown by the wind. This modern coffee table will be great for your modern or contemporary interior.

Designed by Christian Sjöström, this unusual furniture system will let you completely in charge of its shape. It consists of round wooden parts with a ball joint construction that was inspired by molecular structures. You can make your own weird furniture, or if you want it you can make a sculpture! More description by Christian […]

This multifunction coffee table will be great for you who have a pet and want to save some space. It was designed by Fabbricabois and comes with magazine racks and a bed for your pet. The shape is a reinterpretation of Japanese origami, thus it can be assembled easily just like creating an origami. Just […]

Designed by Héctor Serrano for Arturo Alvarez, this beautiful lamp was inspired by the magic of a forest where the sunlight passing trough the trees. It is a beautiful view framed into a beautiful pendant lamp. More description by Héctor Serrano: Woods is inspired by the magical image of a forest where the light escapes […]