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It may looks like an ordinary chest of drawers, but with the sculpture on its surface it looks beautiful. It was designed by Martin Gallagher who was inspired by the sea. The sculpture represents the characteristics of the sea, fluidity, and energy. It may looks simple but it sure looks beautiful. More description by Martin […]

This is a beautiful table lamp and planter in one object. It was designed by Caterina Morettifrom peca. The lamp represent a house while the planter represent a beautiful landscape, creating a beautiful combination like a mini zen garden on your table. More description by peca: Mökki invites you to contemplate the immensity of the […]

These unique stools were designed by Baked / Roast, a group of designers who love skateboarding. The name of Baked / Roast itself is an anagram for skateboard, that is why their products are not far from skateboard. Like these stools, it has seat that is made from skateboard. And if you are a skateboarding […]

Designed by Matteo Ugolini for KARMAN, this beautiful wall lamp will looks great in your interior. It has the shape of giant leaf. When you install it on your wall, it looks like leaves blown to the wall. This lamp is composed of iron skeleton and shades in white synthetic fiber. This lamp also comes […]

Designed by Marc Thorpe for Moroso, this minimalist and modern chair was inspired by something unusual, a corn’s husk or the outer shell of corn. This chair collection come in three different heights with three different colors – red, green, and white.

This beautiful suspension lamp will be great in any interior. It was designed by LZF Lamps and made from wood veneer. The interlacing wood system and the transparencies create a gorgeous effect when this lamp is lit. It looks like a glowing magical fish that is swimming in the air. More description by LZF Lamps: […]

Designed by Mario Milana, this unique sofa features a backrest that can be converted into armrests. The backrest composed of armrest modules that can be rotated vertically at any point you want. The main structure was made from laser dash cut 10mm cooper and treated bent iron sheet. These material gives a weird but interesting […]

It maybe looks like a simple wall lamp but actually it has a little bit complex system. Designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune for FontanaArte, this lamp has dual-axis rotation frame that allows it to be rotated on both longitudinal and transverse axes. This system allows you to adjust the direction of the light as you […]

These are funny chairs designed by 56thStudio. These chairs have backrest in shape of bad caricature. Yeah bad. But what they say about it? “Bad drawing is a good chair.” It doesn’t make sense, but it is true in case of these chairs. The caricature is based on several icons such as known singers, models, […]

Have a romantic dinner with someone special? Want to light some candles but afraid it will burned your table? Just use this portable lamp to make your dinner become more romantic. Bottled lamp was designed by Ryu Kozeki for AmbienTec. The inside was painted with special paint to create the frosted effect and diffused light. […]