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The Lounge Chair by Kyle Buckner designed by an American designer Kyle Buckner. The lounge chair made from 152 layers of pine wood, which has been carved and finished with a red mahogany stain and cushioned leather upholstery pads.

The Ohm Transformable Bed designed by Victor M. Aleman. It is a bed that can be transformed into 2 individual beds or each line of this into a modular sofa or a bench via an electronic device installed inside the structure.

The Ripple Table produced by an artist, Lee J Rowland, with the contoured surface as the result of an arduous CNC 3D machining process followed by lap polishing. Rowland using a technique which responsible for some of the most perfect finishes on the planet.

This unique lamp designed by enPieza! studio. Inspired by hangman games, it made of electric wire and iron treated against corrosion. Designed in 2007, it has a little scary form.

Designed by Lago, an Italian furniture manufacturer, this bed has a form of bird nest. The bed surrounded by a ring of “soft foam” which create a barrier of visual and sound from the outside the bed. This barrier will makes a cozy situation for the user, block the annoying sounds from the outside.

The Loopy is a unique chair designed by Phillip Grass as his final piece project in furniture design at the Rhode Island School of Design. The chair using styrene foam, fiberglass and yellow polished automotive paint as the materials. It has 110 cm (L) x 110 cm (W) x 80 cm (H) of dimensions.

The Two Leg Table is a coffee table designed by Ben Klinger and Shay Carmon, industrial designers from Israel. It only has two legs on it, each legs has a branch that support and balance each other, and together carry the upper surface.

TWIST Tables is a great looking table designed by Formstelle for Zeitraum. The design is not only one design, it contains several table design, start from rectangular to circular shape board with different height.

The Dandelion Stool by DesignK is a unique stool, designed by DesignK for the most comfortable seating. This stool ispired from beautiful dandelion plants. It contains of a flower head for the seating which situated on stalks of moulded plywood.

The Outsider Lamp is an indoor and outdoor lamp designed by Jacco Maris. The lamp using powder-coated steel material for the pedestal and the arched frame. For the shade, it using cast aluminium.