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The Douglas Chair designed by Joseph Riehl, a Japanese and Danish ancestry designer. This chair provides comfortable, ergonomic seating. The bent plywood also bent in a manner to strength the product in areas where much force is put onto the joinery.

The Tea Seating is an attractive collection of seats with hexagonal-shaped designed by José Manuel Ferrero for Sancal. Sancal says that Tea Seating wear textiles with the latest developments and following the trends set by the fashion shows. The revival of quilted textures, so fashionable this season, pays tribute to the dressing gown.

MoonLounger is a low lounge chair designed by Gerd Couckhuyt for the manufacturer Wildspirit. It has an avant-garde design of Charles Eames and organic forms which provide a soft and feminine touch.

The Bitta Collection designed by an Italian architect, Rodolfo Dordoni for KETTAL. Bitta is an Italian languages means mooring. This collection has a combination of aluminium frames , seats of braided polyester and comfortable cushions, teak and stone for the table tops all completely weatherproof materials.

The Tunnels Series, a chair designed by an Israeli designer Noga Berman. It made as a furniture that can encompass all or parts of the human body. It has human scale size and can be used for lying down, sitting and storage.

Designed by Micron Illuminazione, an Italian lighting manufacturer, the Ginger Chandelier shows a luxurious light effect when it switched on. The lights and glasses sparkle in an elegant waterfall creating a perpetual brilliant motion.

The EVA Chair is a series of furniture designed by Anderssen & Voll for Juvet Landskapshotell in Norway. This chair designed to create a sensation of dwelling at the forrest floor amongst mossy rocks, ferns and tree trunks. Its shape inspirated by Norwegian folkloristic archetypes, a monoblock chairs carved from solid logs.

The Huit is a infinity shaped sofa designed by french industrial designer, Emmanuel Laffon de Mazieres. It inspired by the infinity symbol, a symbol that shaped like number 8. The sofa has an elegant and stunning design but looks not comfortable to relax on it.

Launched by Boneli, the Sofa 60 SLICE consists of two elements, hard outer shell and soft inner cushion. It named “Slice” because of the way the front triangle slices into the inner cushion. The hard outer shell protects the sofa while the inner cushion provides comfortable sit for its user.

The Breathing Chair is a unique chair designed by Yu-Ying Wu, a graduate from the Department of Industrial Design at the Taiwan-based Tatung University. This chair looks like a piece of white square tofu made of high-density foam plastic that is 100 percent environmentally-friendly.