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The Cocon lounge chair is claimed as The Most Cozy Lounge Chair In The World, designed by Céline Merhand and Anaïs Morel from Les M. The chair is a combination between an usual armchair and a sleeping bag.

The Slim Sofa consists of three seats, designed by Stephane Perruchon. This modular sofa provide comfortable relaxing but also give practical zones for storage some magazines or books and capable to become a corner model. It also could be also very useful for those people who like to eat on a sofa because the practical […]

The Fabricate Lights designed by London based designer, Henny Van Nistelrooy. It presented during the London Design Festival 2010 at the group exhibition ‘Variability’ as part of the Icon Design Trail.

The Knitted Stools is a collection of stools that feature a variety of knitted seat cushions, designed by a London-based designer Claire-Anne O’Brien. It has nice design with three different texture and color.

The Armadillo Lamp is a pendant lamp designed by Spanish lighting company, Lzf. It made from dozens of wood veneer squares and recently exhibited during Valencia Design Week.

The Cirrus Table has beautiful graphic design, designed by Stuart Melros. It inspired by his time spent on the white sand beaches of the Yucatan. It using pieces of coloured Corian to make the graphic and has semi gloss finish.

A design concept of table, designed by John Nouanesing, supposed to represent blood or wet red paint. Paint in red glossy shine colour with the “driped blood” as the legs, it become an exceptional design.

The Garbage Lamp made of used, compulsively collected polystyrene drinking cups, stacked into one. The lamp placed inside stacked drinking cups, creates beautiful glowing light. It designed by Peter Castellucci.

MermeladaEstudio has designed a new outdoor furniture collection, Equis Outdoor Furniture, for Oi Side manufacturer. Equis made from steel and finished in different colours. This furniture had “X” shaped cross structure and provides a lot of structural resistance along with great comfort.

Iris Pendant Lights designed by Alex MacMaster, has elegant curved shape at three sets of angles and distanced to produce a perfectly proportioned pendant feature.