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According to the name, the Rubber Stool is made by recycled rubber, designed Japanese design studio h220430. This stool has a simple framework, just bending one piece of rubber plate and holding legs with bolts.

The Halo Table is designed by Karim Rashid for Dune Furniture company. This table is use an unique materials, it use MDF painted in a satin finish polyurethane for the top and colored acrylic for the base.

The Calla Lily Bathroom designed by Oriano Favaretto, the architect of Mastella – an Italian bath furniture design company. It is consist of a freestanding bathtub, pedestal sinks, and white faucets and taps, with a form which looks organic and very creative.

The Curve Squared has a built-in lighting with different curved shapes and catchy colors. This is a modular storage solution and has two sizes of modules, for desktop and for floor.

The NLC Lamp designed by a German Designer,Constantin Wortmann, for NEXT manufacturer. This lamp has positively striking and strangely puzzling appearance. It has a form which inspired by the head of Medusa as from the finely trellised branches of a treetop.

The Kaleido Bed is round double beds with attractive designs, designed by Euroform. This bed is better suit for a large bedroom and look great in the centre of a room. It has round form, make it looks more original and interesting then usual rectangular models.

The Fade-Out Chair has a simple shape made of wood for the back and acryl for the legs. Designed by Nendo, a Japanese designer, the design combine between modern and traditional design styles into one furniture of chair.

The Trex Wall Sconce made of heat-molded acrylic, designed by Karim Rashid for ITRE lighting manufacturer. It features a hexagonal white lacquered metal base and allows to connect several such lamps together. This way will create a truly unique look lamp which fit to the owner.

The AD46/10 Lamp is designed by Paris-based designer, Romain Duclos. The general for design of the lamp is inspired by the ARCO. It consists of a foot gray concrete with a metal frame and a local electrical wire color.

The Twisted Lights designed by Dutch designer, Erwin Zwiers, use bend plywood as the main material. Bend plywood is a perfect material to bend, provide endless forming capabilities when it’s properly processed.