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Designed by Keren Shike, this seating system allows you to shape it as you like. It consists of wooden frames and foam bars that can be slid to shape the chair. This way, you can choose what seating position that you want. Because of the adjustability, this chair is perfect for adult and children. More […]

Now this is what I call life. Imagine swinging inside a hammock while enjoying the scenery. Now imagine lying in a bathtub with relaxing warm water and bubble bath over your body. Now try to combine that two things and you will get this wonderful Hydro Hammock, a hammock where you may bathe. And don’t […]

This is a brilliant table design by Raphaël Ménard and Jean-Sébastien Lagrange from ZeroEnergyFurniture. This table has a colling/heating system that helps you save energy and reduce your electricity bill. But how, you ask? It is thanks to the phase-change materials (PCM) that placed between the surface of plain wood and the folded sheet of […]

Designed by Ross Lovegrove for Artemide, this pendant lamp plays with light and shadow. It has an organic shape of leafs which the light shines trough it and creating a beautiful lighting effect on the ceiling. The chrome finish and organic shape make it looks like a modern sculpture that will beautify your interior. More […]

A bookshelf usually use something solid to hold all the books, but what if it is made from something flexible? Rubber for example. Designed by Luke Hart, Rubber Shelves are bookshelves that are made from, of course you already guessed it, rubber. It sure is an unusual material to use. But you need to install […]

Imagine you are lying outside with someone you love on a hammock. Isn’t it wonderful? But if you don’t have trees or something to support the hammock, how about this rocker lounge by Sveglio? But instead of side to side, it will move front to back like a rocking chair. Volo, which means “I Fly”, […]

I have seen before that someone used big lens from old TV as a burner for a lot of things, even metal. And now with the same method it used as a grill for BBQ where people can have fun with each other, it is just fantastic. This grill + table was designed by Lanzavecchia […]

Designed by Samwoong Lee, this unique chair was made from stacked wooden sticks in random angels. He don’t know what it will be looks like when he was stacking the sticks. After the construction are made, he then shaped it into an armchair and polished it. The result is this unique wooden chair that looks […]

This is a unique and colorful collection by Ellinor Ericsson. Maybe you can see it immediately what makes this collection is unique. This collection, consists of chair and sofa, has backrest with colorful cross-stitch as the decoration. It was designed to challenge the question “Why does Nordic furniture design lack ornaments?”. The result is these […]

Designed by Maarten De Ceulaer, this sculptural wooden wall lamp was actually made from a solid wood plank. This plank was milled on both top and bottom sides to create grids. These grids allow the plank to be bent into a fluid 3D curves shape. The grids then was filled with electrical circuit that connecting […]